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EHang EH216 showing capabilities in Shanghai Comprehensive Firefighting Drill

It is learned from Chinese media, on September 7, the 2022 Shanghai Sheshan Forest Fire Emergency Comprehensive Drill was held in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Responsible leaders from the emergency management departments of Shanghai, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province, and Anhui Province and related units attended and observed the drill.

Leaders attending and observing at the drill site

A variety of intelligent technology products for emergency rescue appeared at the drill site, and brought more guarantees for the safety and efficiency of fire fighting.
Among them, the “Air Fire Guard” from EHang, the fire-fighting version of the autopilot aircraft EH216F, has become the focus of the spotlight.

After the fire drill started, the EH216F AAV cooperated with the instruction from the command center and rushed to the scene in the first time. Before the fire brigade arrived at the scene, reconnaissance and remote operations were performed in advance, and the front data was synchronized to the backend command center in real time.

Using the visible light camera, EH216F could conduct situational research and judgment on the scene, accurately located and hovered near the “fire point”. When aiming at the “fire point”, the horizontal high-pressure nozzle of EH216F sprayed extinguishing solvent to cool down the fire scene and put it out. It fully demonstrated the many advantages of AAVs in the field of high-altitude rescue in terms of breaking through space limitations, rapid response, remote monitoring, cluster scheduling, multi-machine linkage, and avoiding casualties.

EHang EH216F AAV performing fire fighting during the drill

During equipment inspection, leaders from Shanghai Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps as well as leaders of emergency management departments at all levels from Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu visited the EHang intelligent self-driving aircraft, listened to the explanation of EHang staff, and inquired in detail about the product application scenarios and future rescue deployment forces in various places.

Shanghai Municipal Emergency Management Bureau Party Secretary and Director Ma Jianhong and other leaders listening to the explanation of EHang staff
EH216-S AAV displayed at the drill site
EH216F equipped with fire extinguishing devices displayed at the drill site