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BYD to enter India’s consumer electric vehicle market with Yuan PLUS

BYD to enter India’s consumer electric vehicle market with Yuan PLUS

It is learned from Chinese media, on September 13, Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, senior vice president of BYD India’s electric passenger vehicle business, said that BYD plans to enter the Indian electric vehicle market. At the same time, the BYD India online account released a promotional image of the Yuan PLUS.

This time BYD intends to enter the private consumer market in India with Yuan PLUS.

Previously, in the business market, in 2016, BYD provided batteries and bus chassis to Indian electric bus manufacturer Olectra. And then in 2021, it launched the e6 electric MPV for the local taxi market.

BYD’s strategic development for overseas markets has followed this path: opening bus and taxi business market first to accumulate word of mouth and business partners, and then introducing private models to expand influence.

It is learned that BYD’s models are believed to be competitive in the Indian market, similar to the situation that Chinese mobile phones are also popular with locals in the Indian market.

In 2021, India’s auto sales reached 3.08 million units, a year-on-year increase of 27%, making it the fourth largest auto market in the world. Some analysts predict that by 2025 India will surpass Japan to become the world’s third largest auto market after China and the United States.