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XPeng autonomous driving NGP started piloting in Guangzhou and pushed to some P5 users

On September 16 through its official Weibo account, XPeng announced:
China’s first mass-produced high-level intelligent assisted driving in urban scenes is coming! The XPeng urban NGP has already started piloting in Guangzhou, and gradually pushed to some P5 users in Guangzhou. By now, XPeng’s assisted driving function can cover 90% of users’ travel scenarios, and data shows that the urban NGP traffic efficiency is close to 90% of the manual driving time, making travel life easier!

Also according to the relevant article from XPeng published on the same day on Chinese social media, the full-stack self-developed XPeng has become the first car brand to mass-produce high-end intelligent assisted driving in urban scenarios. The company’s strength in the field of autonomous driving has approached the world’s leading level, and has taken the lead in some sub-scenarios.

Urban NGP is a function activated on the available urban roads after the user sets the destination on the navigation and initiates the navigation. The vehicle can complete the cruising and following, navigating/overtaking lane change, entering/exiting the road, traffic light recognition start-stop, Intelligent navigation assists driving for dynamic tasks such as crossing/roundabout/tunnel passing, avoiding other traffic participants (pedestrians, cyclists).

With respect to the question when NGP will be released in full to XPeng users, XPeng states: Currently, some Guangzhou users are randomly invited to participate, only from P5 owners who have submitted intelligent assisted driving suggestions. NGP will be released in full as soon as the relevant procedures are reported and approved.