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NIO pushing full business in EU | Battery BaaS showing promising sign

It is learned from NIO and Chinese media, on September 22, NIO announced that “NIO Berlin” 2022 NIO Europe conference will be held in Berlin, Germany on October 8. This is the first time NIO has hosted a user event outside of its home market in China. To this end, the two heads of the company: Li Bin, chairman and CEO, and Qin Lihong, co-founder and president, have gone to Germany in person, which is enough to show that NIO attaches great importance to the European market. Li Bin and Qin Lihong will also drive NIO ET7 from Frankfurt to start a 10-day dynamic “road show” that will reach 10 European cities.

“NIO’s NIO HOUSE in Frankfurt is under construction. The 1,700-square-meter NIO HOUSE will open early next year.” Li Bin revealed the latest moves of NIO in the European market on the NIO European APP.

Previously, on August 22, NIO announced that the NIO ET7 set sail in Europe, and will be open for booking and delivery in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. According to widespread speculation in the industry, after the ET7, the next model to land in the European market is the ET5.

In May last year, NIO released the “Norway Strategy”, announcing its entry into the Norwegian market, and officially started its European journey. At that time, NIO revealed that it would also launch a BaaS model in the European market. The BaaS NIO battery rental service based on battery swap technology separates the ownership of batteries and vehicles to reduce the up-front cost of the purchases.

After more than a year, the BaaS European business has shown a promising sign.
In Norway, the NIO ES8 costs just over $52,000 without a battery, while the 75-kWh battery pack costs about $8,700. Almost all users have opted to pay a monthly subscription fee of $135 instead. This has made NIO decide to set up and expand relevant NIO energy business in Europe.

On September 16, the rollout ceremony of the first power swap station produced by the NIO Energy European plant in Hungary was held, and the swap station shipped to Germany. Qin Lihong said: “From the announcement of the construction of the factory on July 29 to the rollout of the first power swap station, the NIO European factory took only 7 weeks. NIO will increase its investment in Hungary and establish the operational node of NIO’s European strategy here.”

In a statement released after the ceremony, NIO said that in the second half of this year, NIO’s full-scenario power-up service will be officially launched in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark together with related products and services.