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User feedbacks on XPeng City NGP

User feedbacks on XPeng City NGP

According to XPeng, on September 17, XPeng City NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving first started piloting in Guangzhou and gradually pushed to some XPeng P5 users.

In the past two weeks, how did the first batch of car owners who received the upgrade push get along with the city NGP? Now, let’s take a look at some user comments on the City NGP.

HR manager:
The lane change is very fast and stable, even smoother than myself, and with respect to large curvature, it is also stable and fast. The City NGP gives people the feeling of a confident experienced driver.


Food exploration restaurant blogger:
The richness of information displayed by the SR of the City NGP and the strategies for dealing with various road conditions brought me more peace of mind and ease during my commute to and off work.

Data specialist:
I drive by myself when I’m in a hurry to commute to work, and use the City NGP when I want to be relaxed after getting off work. The City NGP allows me to see that we are getting closer and closer to autonomous driving.

Operations specialist:
The City NGP and I are very good at driving, but we are drivers of different styles. He is more like a law-abiding experienced driver.