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XPeng Flying Car Traveler X2 to perform first overseas public demo flight in Dubai

It is learned from XPeng, recently, XPeng Huitian Flying Car Traveler X2 has undergone a rigorous review under the supervision of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, successfully passed the specific operational risk assessment, and obtained its first public flight approval overseas in Dubai.

It is understood that from October 10th to October 14th, X2 will also appear at the 42nd “GITEX GLOBAL”, one of the world’s three major technology events, to showcase the power of China’s intelligent manufacturing technology.

With the approval of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Traveler X2 is planned to conduct a public flight demonstration in Dubai. This is the first public flight demonstration overseas after its public appearance in July 2020. It is an important attempt of XPeng Huitian to explore the way of low-altitude travel in the future. This means that XPeng Huitian has taken a milestone step in the globalization of flying cars.