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Immersive in-car movie watching — NIO Air AR Glasses offline experience officially opened

It is learned from NIO on September 30, NIO Air AR Glasses has received continuous attention and expectation from users since its release at the beginning of the month.

The first batch of the products were sold out quickly on the day of sale.

Now, NIO has restocked the products and the NIO Air AR Glasses set is available on the NIO APP again.

NIO has inspired to build cars as second living space for relaxing and entertainment, etc. The AR technology has made it possible for NIO to provide immersive in-car movie watching experience to its users.

Recently, in a related interview, Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, talked about the role AR plays in the PanoCinema NIO panoramic digital seat, its design concept and unique experience.

The immersive movie watching involves audio-visual experience.

In the interview, with respect to the audio, Lin Bin stated that sound may be relatively easier to realize. You can do many things by adding some speakers and digital sound field scheme. Sound like our 7.1.4, our 23 speakers and our Dolby Atmos – these are easy to handle.

How to do the visual? It’s a big challenge. You cannot just simply make the screen bigger or add more screens. The AR technology solves the limited space and screen size issue from a different approach, and provides NIO the chance to introduce immersive 3D movie viewing comparable to real theater experience.

With respect to how we will watch movies in the future, Li Bin said:
“The pandemic has made it impossible for us to go to cinemas recently. Going forward, movies still have to be released. So in the future, I think car is the biggest theater line.”