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Information revealed by NIO’s CEO Li Bin & president Qin Lihong during ET7 driving long trip in EU

Information revealed by NIO’s CEO Li Bin & president Qin Lihong during ET7 driving long trip in EU

It is learned from Chinese media, recently, NIO founder, chairman and CEO Li Bin and NIO co-founder and president Qin Lihong drove NIO ET7 together to start a 10-day long trip covering ten European countries. This allows the two heads of the company to actually feel the experience of the product on the road from the user’s perspective.

The following is the information revealed by Li Bin and Qin Lihong during the trip.

Company operations

– The personnel number of NIO European teams has exceeded 720. Among them, the Norwegian team has expanded to more than 100 people, the Swedish team has 45 people, and the Danish team has nearly 30 people.

– NIO European user development and service business is headquartered in Amsterdam

NIO House & NIO Space

– The NIO Center in Europe emphasizes the connection and contribution with the local community, and most of them will become the shared space of the local community

– The NIO Center in Frankfurt covers an area of more than 1,600 square meters. It is located in the city center. Construction has already started, and it will be put into use early next year.

– The NIO Center in Dusseldorf covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and is located in the city center of Joachim-Erwin-Platz. NIO plans to create this NIO Center together with local artists. It is expected to open in the first half of next year

– NIO Center Rotterdam has 600 square meters, located in the city center Meent 80-84, planned to open early next year

– The NIO Center in Amsterdam is located in the Canal District of the central city. It is a seven-storey independent building with a history of 110 years, having a total area of more than 2,700 square meters. NIO has entrusted the well-known local architectural design firm MVRDV for the design.

– The location of the Hamburg NIO Center is located in the surrounding area of Binnenalster Lake, with an area of more than 1,700 square meters

– NIO space in Gothenburg is located at Sodra Hamngata 37-41, with an area of about 360 square meters. It is located in the most prosperous area of the city. The design has been completed and the construction is about to start. It is planned to open early next year

– The NIO Center in Oslo has a total of 2,150 square meters on two floors, and has received 420,000 visitors in the one year since its opening

NIO Power

– There are more than 380,000 charging piles connected to NIO’s charging map in Europe, 99% of which are compatible with NIO NFC cards

– 20 km from Dusseldorf city center, there is a swap station, located at Nordpark 2-4, 40724 Hilden, under construction

– The Dutch Van der Valk hotel group is NIO’s Dutch power swap station partner

– An integrated charging and swap station in Gothenburg is under construction and is expected to be completed by the end of the year

Delivery and after-sales

– NIO service and delivery center in Oslo covers an area of 1,800 square meters


– In the next three years, NIO will cooperate with the Danish Nature Conservation Association and the Danish Nature Foundation on clean energy applications in 4 nature reserves

– NIO’s maritime logistics partner is Wallenius wilhelmsen, which is headquartered in Oslo