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ET5 ordering specifics — Low-price high-performance configuration example

ET5 ordering specifics — Low-price high-performance configuration example

NIO ET5 officially opened for ordering. Users who have not booked before can now book the car, and users who have already booked will soon be able to give priority to the car.

How to book

Deposit: 2,000 yuan

ET5 also provides many optional items, and purchase details need to be checked on the mobile APP

Model and price

– Whole price without BaaS:
ET5 + 75kWh: 328,000 yuan
ET5 + 100kWh: 386,000 yuan

– Price with BaaS:
ET5: 258,000 yuan

75kWh: 980 yuan/month
100kWh: 1680 yuan / month

The BaaS battery rental program is the same as the user who purchases the whole in terms of maintenance, battery replacement, service, and preferential finance.

If you choose a 75kWh battery, you can also spend money to upgrade to 100kWh later. The price policy is subject to the specific time. If you need to run a long distance during that time, you can replace it with a 100kWh battery. This is also one of the benefits of NIO’s battery swap capability.

Personalized selection
– Body color
– Interiors (microfiber roof, Nappa leather, etc) is 16,000 yuan.
– Tires
– etc

Autonomous driving
ET5 is unified in the hardware configuration of driving assistance, and the basic software functions can achieve conventional L2+ level autonomous driving, while the more advanced NAD and NOP functions require monthly subscriptions. If you don’t need it this month, you can choose not to buy it, or you can buy it after the function is more perfect.

Government subsidy

Users who purchase ET5 and pick up the car in 2022 can enjoy the following national subsidies:

– Subsidy amount (ET5+75kWh):

11,340 yuan (for personal user)
$7,938 (for business user)

– Subsidy amount (ET5+100kWh):

12,600 yuan (for personal user)
$8,820 (for business user)

ET5 also provides a variety of preferential financial solutions. Users who have previously booked can enjoy the national subsidy policy in 2022 as long as they pick up the car before June 30, 2023.

Afterwards, users who place an order will be subject to the policy when they actually pick up the car. The deposit is 2,000 yuan. If you want to test drive, you can also make an appointment on the APP.

Recommendation example

ET5: ¥328,000
Long range battery pack (100kWh): + ¥58,000
Light Microfiber roof & Speed Grey Haptex interior: + ¥6,500
Battery rental service: – ¥128,000
State subsidy: *
Total price: ¥264,500

In the end, the price of the ET5 customization selection is 264,500 yuan, which is cheaper than the rear-wheel drive version of the Tesla Model 3, but the performance of power and battery range is better.