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XPeng G9 has landed in 113 cities and 372 stores, ready for National Day long holiday

It is learned from a recent XPeng Weibo post, XPeng G9 has now landed in 113 cities and 372 stores across the country, and many users came to check in during the National Day long 7-day holiday.

The post also further invites with message: “Make an appointment to visit the store for appreciation, feel the charm of the flagship of XPeng G9, come and meet G9!”

Earlier on September 21, 2022, XPeng officially launched the new pure electric medium and large SUV, the XPeng G9. The official guide price range is 309,900-469,900 Yuan for series with different configurations.

The new car adopts the minimalist appearance design of the XPeng family. The interior of the car emphasizes the sense of luxury and technology. In terms of power, there are rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options, and the cruising range is more than 700 kilometers.