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Luckin Coffee promotion and specifics for joining the franchise chains

Luckin Coffee (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing. It is committed to developing China’s coffee industry and moving towards the ideal of becoming a leading brand in China’s coffee industry. Its Luckin Coffee brand is built towards this ideal goal. After years of development, it has become a typical representative of China’s new retail coffee. The brand strives to provide consumers with a new experience of higher-quality coffee consumption and promote the popularization and development of coffee culture in China with the optimized product raw materials, exquisite coffee craftsmanship, innovative business model and leading mobile Internet technology.

Luckin Coffee pays attention to fashion, keeps up with the pace of social trends, has also firmly grasped the star effect, and has achieved good results, and pays more attention to the promotion of youth, youth and vitality, targeting the workplace and the younger generation of consumers, encouraging them to be full of confidence, to break through the past and have the courage to change.

Since its trial operation in January this year, Luckin Coffee has established more than 1,400 stores in 21 cities across the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, and Qingdao, and has developed into the second largest chain coffee brand in China. Luckin Coffee not only provides a cup of high-quality fresh coffee, but also integrates the Internet experience into the coffee consumption process and creates a new business model. Join us to discover more new things together. Luckin Coffee, Happy Life.


Advantages of Luckin Coffee franchise:

1. Development advantages — world-class design masters personally grasp the pulse of fashion;

2. Cost advantage — through product and effective operating cost control, it will give franchise partners a greater margin for profit;

3. Information advantage — scale advantages to maintain high synchronization with the world’s newer information update systems — Large-scale production base, modern advanced production line;

4. Management advantages — humanized modern management mechanism, superior comprehensive management system and multi-level management experience;

5. Perfect quality assurance, high customer return rate;

6. National unified brand and unified retail price;

7. Under the agreed conditions, we will provide you with better after-sales service. Guarantee the exclusive right to operate the brand in the agency area;

8. Perfect regional protection measures, refusal to circulation of unauthorized goods;

9. Advanced marketing planning, printing promotional materials, on-site sales assistance POP, brand image accessories and other timely distribution;

10. Continuously innovative cutting-edge products, a steady stream;

11. Support for regular activities, and formulate different promotion plans every month according to the season and humanistic system;


Luckin Coffee’s supports to joining franchise partners:

1. Brand support: The headquarters will authorize partners to use the Luckin Coffee brand trademark, unified VI design, image packaging, etc. Luckin Coffee relies on its own powerful resources to make your investment worry-free.

2. Technical support: The headquarters has a group of professional and technical personnel from the front line of the market to form a technical service team, so that customers can truly start a business without worry.

3. Service support: introduction of new products and equipment, monthly operation supervision and guidance, customer service center information communication and feedback and other extended service support.

4. Operational support: The headquarters provides franchisees with comprehensive and systematic marketing guidance and training, from product use, delivery, end-customer psychological analysis to professional skills and techniques, to help partners quickly master business skills and management capabilities.

5. Advertising: The headquarters has a complete network promotion team. Later, it will distribute different network promotions to partners with different conditions and different regions, and continuously provide customers with customer resources. Let you truly experience the door-to-door entrepreneurial service.
Every year, the headquarters holds exchange and negotiation meetings in the middle of the year and at the end of the year, and calls on partners at all levels to return to the headquarters to share their experiences.

6. Personalized business plan: Luckin Coffee Management Center knows that entrepreneurs are not only difficult in funding, but also in marketing and expansion. In this regard, according to the personal experience of different regions and different partners, Luckin Coffee tailor-makes investment plans for each partner, and provides professional marketing training and market development information to ensure you have no worries about starting a business.

7. Later operation support: Luckin Coffee not only provides you with excellent technical support and operational support, but also provides partners with high-quality equipment and consumables, and innovates and upgrades the service system and market operation model to assist partners to carry out projects more quickly, escorting your business success!


Joining Information–Luckin Coffee Joining Conditions:

1. Comply with the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations, and have independent legal qualifications or natural persons over the age of 18.

2. Agree with the business philosophy and business model of the Luckin Coffee brand.

3. Sufficient funds are required, and funds for joining and operating are indispensable.

4. There are suitable storefronts to meet the regulations of the headquarters for the store area.

5. Comply with the unified price policy of the headquarters and other management norms.

6. Good personal reputation and good business ethics.

7. Entrepreneurial spirit and strong desire to succeed.