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XPeng G9 is said to be a new benchmark for smart luxury. How do professional media evaluate it?

According to XPeng, recently, XPeng new flagship – XPeng G9 was officially released. As an ultra-fast charging full-smart SUV, the XPeng G9 takes into account both the comfortable experience and the fun of driving control, and brings users a high-tech and high-quality experience in terms of luxury, intelligence and performance, which can be regarded as the benchmark at the same level. After its release, it attracted a lot of attention.

Next, let’s take a look at the comments of the professional media on the G9!


01 – Car Home

XPeng G9 continues to deepen its own smart label, while improving the ride experience and dynamic texture, thus becoming a model with a higher comprehensive score; Moreover, mass production of 800V high-voltage charging system and self-built ultra-high-power charging network, currently only XPeng Motors in China has achieved this; Starting from the G9, all new Xpeng models behind will support 800V ultra-fast charging. This is undoubtedly a major breakthrough for our Chinese brand, both for the entire pure electric vehicle industry and for users.

It is worth affirming that the power output of the G9 is linear enough, and even in sports mode, it can accurately and delicately grasp the power output of the vehicle. In the range test of the G9 four-wheel drive 650 performance version, it has achieved good results as a medium and large SUV. The comprehensive measured cruising range of 581.9km is enough to reach the level of the first echelon at the same level. And you must know that this is the most powerful four-wheel drive performance version. If it is a rear-wheel drive model, its battery range will be improved.


02 – Easy Car

XPeng G9 provides a lot of driving modes and gameplays. The power is strong, and the driving comfort and sense of luxury are very good. The performance is only its own added value. Its dual-chamber air suspension is more advanced in terms of structure and technology.


03 – Car Understanding Emperor

This will be another new high-end brand model in the market. From the driving level, the XPeng G9 is indeed worthy of the flagship title. In addition to its excellent space, NVH, battery range and power performance, the high degree of freedom at the driving level is indeed one of the cool points of this car.


04 – 36kr

Behind the jump in the experience of XPeng G9 is not the result of “hardware stacking”. Intelligence has penetrated into all dimensions of the G9, creating a convenient and comfortable interactive experience for users’ travel. And when most players are still learning to walk, immersing themselves in exploring to make achievements in a single scene such as intelligent driving or voice interaction,
XPeng has connected a single scene in series to form a comprehensive intelligence, covering the whole scene of the user’s car usage.


05 – New Travel

What you can feel more on the XPeng G9 is the sense of luxury brought by the chassis. The combination of the front double wishbone and the rear multi-link, coupled with the dual-chamber air suspension and the CDC electromagnetic active adjustment shock absorber, can be said to be the top configuration in this class.

XPeng Motors is constantly creating long-term value. G9 is a good example. It has the most cutting-edge technology. Whether it is the level of intelligent assisted driving or multi-dimensional intelligent space, it brings a new experience to users, and at the same time, can also lead the common progress of the entire industry. The G9 has always been a bucket car in our eyes, with no obvious shortcomings. Through this series of tests and long-term experience, it can indeed become a highly competitive product in this price range.


06 – Garage 42

First of all, the XPeng G9 is a very easy-to-drive model. In the standard driving mode, the vehicle has a very good suspension texture on a flat asphalt road. It resolves almost all fine vibrations into very fine frequencies. You can also feel the strong suspension support when cornering, as well as the excellent NVH performance, which gave us great surprises.

In terms of charging that everyone cares about, we got the 3C version that comes standard with the G9. After actual measurement, whether it is an ordinary 120kW third-party charging pile or a self-operated S2 charging pile, the experience improvement effect brought by the charging speed is very good. Obviously, the strongest feeling of this configuration for a daily car is the extremely fast charging speed.

As the flagship of XPeng’s second up, G9 uses the best technology and hardware of XPeng, such as dual-chamber air suspension, 800V high-voltage SiC platform, self-developed motor and 5D Xopera concert hall, etc. In actual experience, the power and battery range of the G9 are at an excellent level in this price range. The driving texture, exterior design, and interior materials are also very balanced.


07 – JianYue Car Review

The positioning of the market and the insight into user needs made XPeng G9 ahead of the competition at the beginning of its definition. With the official launch of the first XPeng G9 equipped with the second-generation intelligent assisted driving system XNGP, the second half of the intelligent competition marked by full-scene assisted driving technology began. In this competition, XPeng G9 will undertake the mission of leading the intelligentization of new energy vehicles in China.


08 – Blood Banner

In places that cannot be seen, such as the three electric and electrical architecture of this car…Xpeng G9 may be the highest peak of domestic pure electric vehicles at present. Moreover, the best part is that XPeng Motors combined those super paper parameters and mass-produced them. 800V battery, 98-degree capacity, 480kW charging power, ultra-high electrical integration with 3 domain controls, full-sensing ADAS system with dual lidars…

With the support of the first 800V high-voltage SiC platform in China, the G9’s WLTP battery range is very accurate, and the measured battery range ratio can reach about 90%. In terms of ultra-fast charging, it has excellent compatibility with third-party charging piles and can be filled with almost full power.
With XPeng S4 ultra-fast charging pile, the G9’s 800V ultra-fast charging is the world’s first, and no other model can come close.

Coupled with XPeng’s consistent leadership in intelligent cockpit, intelligent assisted driving, and advanced X-EEA 3.0 electronic and electrical architecture, I think G9 can be called the peak of China’s pure electric vehicle technology in 2022.


09 – Quasar Channel

We tested a four-wheel-drive 650 performance version test drive. We tested several fast charging piles, covering all the way from 60kW to 180kW. Obviously, G9 can run at full power on almost all fast charging piles at present. Combined with XPeng’s self-operated supercharger, the maximum power of the G9 is more than 50% faster than that of the traditional 400V architecture model, and can continue until close to 70%. Even if it is charged to 90%, the G9 can still achieve more than 50kW of power. This is really unexpected. The emergence of the G9 means that the era of ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles has come.

XPeng G9 has won a lot of solid firsts, such as 800V ultra-fast charging of 200km in 5 minutes, fully equipped audio system, and the only dual-chamber air suspension in its class. After experiencing it, it feels like a science and engineering man, very honest and kind to you.