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EHang EH216 autonomous aircraft completed flight demonstration of EU SESAR AMU-LED project in Spain

It is reported by EHang, in the EU AMU-LED (Air Mobility Urban – Large Experimental Demonstration) project, one of the largest urban air mobility (“UAM”) demonstration projects in Europe, EHang as the main member, its EH216 autonomous aerial vehicle successfully completed flight demonstration in Spain.

Recently, EH216 carried out a flight demonstration at the CIAR Center (the Rozas Airborne Research Center) of the Spanish National Institute of Aerospace Technology in Lugo, Galicia, Spain, effectively verifying the concept of urban air traffic operation, and successfully achieving the goal of the AMU-LED project.

During the demonstration, the flight data of the EH216 self-driving electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle was connected to the U-space platform of the project. The demonstration flight was successfully completed safely and efficiently in a variety of simulated scenarios, including responding to other unmanned aircraft systems in the surrounding airspace, and successfully executing conflict management procedures during the flight and near the landing verti-port.

The AMU-LED project aims to demonstrate the urban air mobility services of various types of aircraft on a large scale, as well as the safe and integrated operation of different types of unmanned aerial vehicle systems in the urban environment, to further promote the intelligent and sustainable city development.

As one of the 16 members of the AMU-LED project alliance, EHang has cooperated with world-renowned urban air mobility stakeholders, including aerospace research institutions, universities, and manufacturers of unmanned aerial systems and electric aircraft vertical take-off and landing operators, as well as air navigation and U-space service providers, etc. All members work together within the U-space framework to create a safe and sustainable urban air mobility environment.

Victoria Jing Xiang, Chief Operating Officer of EHang Europe and Latin America, said: “The flight demonstration of EH216 is crucial for the EU’s AMU-LED project to promote the development of UAM and U-space in Europe. With the flight demonstration of EH216, EHang is honored to continuously contribute to the innovative development of safe, sustainable and efficient air transportation for all with our advanced autonomous aerial vehicle technology.”