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Flying technology connects the world — EHang reported participation in 41st ICAO Assembly

It is reported by EHang, after a lapse of three years, a heavyweight conference in the field of global civil aviation has once again attracted global attention. On October 7th local time, the 41st International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Assembly came to an end at the ICAO Headquarters in Montreal, Canada. The Assembly adopted a work plan for global civil aviation safety, security, navigation, sustainable development and organizational building for the next three years. Representatives from 193 members reached a historic agreement on the collective long-term aspirational target (LTAG) of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 on the closing day of the conference.

As the largest offline conference in the global civil aviation industry after the COVID pandemic, the 41st ICAO Assembly has 2,548 representatives from 184 countries and 56 international organizations registered to attend the conference. There were more than 2,214 delegates attending the conference, and the number of participants set a record. The conference lasted for 10 days from September 27 to October 7.

The Chinese delegation led by Song Zhiyong, director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), and deputy director Cui Xiaofeng, fully participated in the conference.

The CAAC shared topics on the “Special Conditions for EH216-S Unmanned Aircraft System” (hereinafter referred to as “Special Conditions”) at the conference. It is hoped that the formulation of this standard can provide reference for countries to formulate relevant standards. Since the CAAC officially promulgated the “Special Conditions” in February 2022, EHang and the EH216-S autonomous aircraft type certification review team setup by the CAAC have established a normalized work coordination mechanism.

Relevant state agencies, airworthiness certification authorities, and the global aviation industry have paid attention to, guided and promoted the certification process of EH216-S. The breadth, depth and speed of review has been significantly improved.

As the first company in China to launch manned unmanned aerial vehicles, EHang once again participated in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) conference after 2019 and was invited to participate in the conference.

During the conference, the EHang representative team members had friendly exchanges with official representatives from civil aviation administrations around the world and representatives of well-known companies in the aviation industry, discussed in depth the possibility of making green eVTOL and urban air mobility more widely used in the world. The EHang team members also shared with the leaders and representatives of aviation regulatory agencies around the world the latest progress in the type certification of the passenger-level autonomous aircraft EH216-S, the phased results obtained, and the further development of supplementary verification and flight test verification.

Earlier, the EH216-S special certification plan has been officially approved by the CAAC, and the remaining work of the type certification is being carried out steadily and orderly.

EHang representative team members communicated with visitors at the booth