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XPeng G9 highlights and user feedbacks

XPeng G9 highlights and user feedbacks

Recently XPeng reported feedbacks from prospective G9 users.

The following is the content reported by XPeng.

In the more than 10 days that G9 met with friends, we have received a lot of love from prospective car owners. Join us today and take a look at the heart-warming moments of our friends for the [9].

Every pleasant conversation is with a tacit heartbeat

3D UI human-computer interaction that understands better than real people

The millisecond-level response speed is no different from real chatting, right?

@Finally wait for the arrival of 9:
Just rush to this smart cockpit, invincible voice dialogue, just close your eyes and enter!!!

Mass production of 3D UI human-computer interaction system, truly “global exclusive”

XPeng’s human-computer interaction has never let me down

Solve range anxiety in the time of a cup of coffee

The fastest charging is 5 minutes, and the battery range is increased by 200km+

Time for a cup of coffee to solve mileage anxiety

In a hurry to go to work, you can go out after a few minutes of charging

Go for XPeng’s leading in the fast charging and assisted driving

This is the charging speed that the fast-paced era should have!

Accompanied by a movie, experience relaxation in immersion

5D music cockpit, immersive experience with five senses

Music enthusiasts say it’s really impolite not to start

After watching the real car of the G9 tour exhibition, listening to the sound, my ears were also conquered.

Hope to pick up the car soon! Can’t wait to experience Dynaudio Audio~

Love the G9’s 5D music cockpit and very textured interior!

Not only that, but also!!

The whole system comes standard with XPILOT, extreme driving control, etc.

So many surprises!

XPILOT standard for the whole system

I have to say it three times as standard for the whole system, XPeng is very practical

XPeng’s autonomous driving is a strong point, Can support

It is not a dream for a novice to become an experienced driver in seconds

XPeng’s smart layout is always beyond my imagination


Ultimate driving control, All in one car

XPeng’s wave is a bit strong, does the next door know that you are so cheerful?

There is an intelligent dual-chamber air suspension, and the experienced driver is ecstatic

The combination of intelligence and automobile feels like a cross-generational product

There is a massage chair at home, a rhythmic seat in the car, and G9 is accommodating


Smart Sleeping Space, One-click bed, Sleep if you want

Proper mobile bed, camping fans really love it

Obviously they could just give me the car, but they also gave me “two bedrooms and one living room”

Many car owners who are used to taking naps have solved this nap problem

One button into a bed, you can lie down, hard not to be convinced?