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Nio reported how international first-line media evaluate NIO Berlin 2022

On October 12, NIO reported the coverage of NIO Berlin 2022 by top international media.

Bloomberg: NIO subscription model can reduce decision-making costs

Bloomberg reporters interviewed NIO founder, chairman and CEO Li Bin and NIO co-founder and president Qin Lihong at the just-completed NIO Center in downtown Berlin.

The reporter was very interested in the subscription service launched by NIO in four European countries. Qin Lihong explained to reporters, “Buying a car is a major decision, so subscriptions will reduce decision-making costs, and people need a more flexible way to own a car”.

According to NIO’s subscription model, Bloomberg calculated, “On a personal subscription model with a one-year contract, you can drive the flagship sedan ET7 for 1,295 euros (about $1,267) per month.” For NIO’s partner LeasePlan, “this company manages 1.8 million vehicles, including after-sales maintenance and repairs, which will help enhance NIO’s brand image.”


Der Spiegel: NIO believes that success can be achieved by building a network of swap stations

Der Spiegel conducted an exclusive interview with NIO co-founder and president Qin Lihong. The reporter mainly focuses on the construction of NIO’s energy replacement system and the entry of vehicles into the German market. Der Spiegel noticed that Li Bin and Qin Lihong had previously driven the ET7 for a 10-day long test trip in Europe. He also mentioned that Qin Lihong believes that “in European cities, there is a large gap in charging facilities.” Therefore, NIO believes that success can be achieved by building a network of swap stations. “This could help alleviate potential users’ concerns about the lack of range in electric vehicles.”

The reporter stated that in the next six months, all three models of ET7, EL7 and ET5 will enter the German market.

Der Spiegel mentioned that people often compare Li Bin to Tesla founder Elon Musk.
“Li Bin rejected the comparison, telling Der Spiegel last year, ‘Tesla is not my inspiration’. “


European Automotive News: NIO’s standardized services that deal directly with users are impressive

The impact of new technologies on the traditional automobile industry is also reflected in the foreign media reports of this conference. The well-known European automotive media, European Automotive News specifically mentioned that the three models launched by NIO in Europe will all apply NIO’s latest intelligent systems, and in all models of NIO, intelligent hardware and software are standard.

In addition, Automotive News Europe commented on NIO’s service model -“standardization.” The media mentioned: “All NIO models are designed with standardized and replaceable batteries, and deal directly with individual users through online or offline service networks.”


Reuters: Flexibility will be a key point for users to embrace new technologies in smart electric vehicles

Reuters began to pay attention to NIO very early, from September 12, 2018 when NIO landed on the New York Stock Exchange. By September 16 this year, NIO’s Hungarian factory rolled off the first power station, and Reuters was there. After the press conference, Reuters conducted an exclusive interview with Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of NIO.

Reuters believes that “NIO is betting that flexibility will become a key point for users to embrace new smart electric technologies.”

Overseas media pay more attention to specific prices, and Reuters is no exception.
They mentioned: “Users can rent a car with a 75-degree battery for 1199~1295 euros (about 1171~1264 US dollars) per month, depending on the subscription period. The minimum is one month.”


German Economic Weekly: Flexibility reshapes the premium car experience

The German Economic Weekly focused on “Flexibility to reshape the high-end car experience”, citing Li Bin, the founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, “Users have a demand for flexible use of cars” and hoping “Flexibility will reshape the high-end car experience.”

NIO’s good service reputation in the Chinese market has also aroused the interest of the media outlet. They wrote that NIO’s “Worry-Free Service” model has brought great convenience to users, “Users don’t have to worry about repairing or changing tires”, “Batteries are the most expensive components of electric vehicles, and NIO batteries do not have to be bought out but rent.” It only takes a few minutes for the user to replace the battery at the swap station, which reduces the long waiting time for charging on a large number of trips or at home.