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Mayor of Zhoukou, Henan Province experienced EHang 216 flight and promoted city’s development of three-dimensional air transport system

It is learned from Henan Satellite TV, recently, Gu Jianjun, Mayor of Zhoukou, Henan Province, personally toke experience flight of EHang EH216 passenger autonomous aircraft at Zhoukou Xihua Airport.

After the flight, the mayor also personally acted as a spokesperson to promote the city’s plan to build a comprehensive three-dimensional air transport system.

Gu Jianjun, Mayor of Zhoukou took EH216 experience flight and spoke for city’s development of a three-dimensional air transport system

On site in front of the EH216, the mayor stated: “In the future, relying on Zhoukou Airport, we will build a three-dimensional air transport system. Zhoukou will become ‘Road, Train, Water, Air’ four-in-one multimodal transport hub city.”

It is understood that EH216 aircraft will be part of the three-dimensional air transport system to be developed in the city.