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4th 1024 XPeng Technology Day coming soon

The 4th 1024 XPeng Technology Day, which has being looked forward to for a year, is coming soon! At 20:00 on October 24th, XPeng will reveal the latest exploration results of future travel with the theme of “From Foresight to More than Meeting”, according to XPeng Invitation Letter posted on Chinese social media WeChat.

So, what will be exciting about this year’s 1024 Technology Day?

With the launch of XPeng G9, the new interactive experience brought by XNGP intelligent assisted driving system and full-scene voice 2.0 will also be gradually implemented. The solid product strength is fully prepared for future technological iterations. On this Science and Technology Day, XPeng will bring more surprises in the fields of intelligent assisted driving and intelligent interaction, and share more progress in the field of intelligent robots and flying cars.

As an intelligent technology sharing event XPeng holds every year, since 2019, the 1024 XPeng Technology Day has become an important and influential event in the automotive and technology fields with the mission of sharing cutting-edge thinking and exploration results for future travel. At the same time, the star functions of XPeng, such as full-scene voice, high-speed NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving, etc., have been deeply interpreted on the 1024 Science and Technology Day over the years and will be mass-produced in the next period of time. Therefore, 1024 Science and Technology Day is also the “black technology vane” of Xpeng’s future technological iteration.