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Luckin Coffee franchise joining steps and fee in 2022

Luckin Coffee franchise joining steps and fee in 2022

Lucking Coffee announced the franchise joining conditions and fee in 2022 in its official site.

Luckin coffee franchise stores are booming every day, attracting the attention of a large number of entrepreneurs.

Those who want to join may consider the joining process below.

Step 1: Carry out market research

Market research is the first step to be implemented regardless of the industry. Market research can generally be divided into industry analysis and self-analysis.
Industry analysis requires a certain understanding of the Luckin coffee industry itself, and don’t expect to do it after seeing others do it, because success cannot necessarily be replicated. Conducting research on the industry’s sales market is the first step in opening a coffee shop. Basic surveys for the taste of the consumer base, the level of consumption, the need for coffee, the age of the crowd, etc. must be carried out.

If the Luckin coffee store is opened at the entrance of the university, it is better to still investigate the general consumption power of the school students, and the consumption preferences. The consumption power and consumption habits can help you judge the consumption intensity of the students. Your coffee shop coffee implements accurate positioning at reasonable prices.

If the Luckin coffee store is opened, it needs to be profitable, so that your coffee store will be more profitable, so in the early stage, you need to think about these issues clearly.

Step 2: Choose a store location

The selection of Luckin Coffee stores is crucial to opening a coffee store, and the location of the store determines the number of customer resources. Taking into account that coffee is deeply loved by young people, it is suggested that coffee shops should be better opened with larger consumer traffic. If it is opened in a college, it is recommended to choose a place where it is more popular. If the school has a commercial street, choose a commercial street. If not, choose a crowded place.

Step 3: Store decoration

It is indispensable for Luckin Coffee store to keep up with the fashionable interior decoration of the sales market. The interior decoration style can be designed according to your precise positioning when opening a store. Generally speaking, the first-time business partners often have limited funds, so the first interior decoration should tend to be comfortable, hygienic, simple and generous interior decoration style.

Step 4: Standardized management of certificates for opening a store

Partners must not forget to standardize the management of the corresponding certificates for opening a coffee shop, such as: enterprise business license, tax registration, sanitation permit, and food health certificate. It is recommended that these documents be standardized and managed in advance. The actual management time and price will be different according to different regions. Please follow the charges and management of the local government department.

Luckin Coffee franchise fee

1. Franchise fee: 100,000 yuan for a single store, 300,000 yuan for a small area agent.

2. Based on the above data, the fee generally falls between 300,000 and 350,000 in second- and third-tier cities. For provincial capital cities and first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, due to the high costs, such as choosing a prime location, luxurious decoration etc, the investment cost is more than 500,000.