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1024 XPeng Technology Day — Autonomous Driving Achievements

1024 XPeng Technology Day — Autonomous Driving Achievements

The 4th 1024 XPeng Technology Day has come as scheduled, bringing a lot of the latest exploration results on future travel.

The following is the content related to autonomous driving achievements as reported by XPeng.

01 – City NGP Delivery
Entering the second half of intelligent assisted driving

The first high-end mass-produced intelligent assisted driving for Chinese urban scenes

On September 17, the City NGP debuted in Guangzhou as the first in the industry, completing the difficult tasks of many urban scenarios: complex roads, irregular traffic behavior, frequent diversion construction.

Compared with highway NGP, the code amount of the City NGP is increased by 6 times, the number of perception models is increased by 4 times, and the amount of prediction/planning/control related codes is increased by 88 times.

XPeng’s strength in the field of autonomous driving has approached the world’s leading level, and has surpassed in some sub-scenarios.

Meet the high-frequency needs of users

Mileage: urban roads account for 71% of the total vehicle mileage

Duration: In the time of car use, the user’s urban roads account for 90%

Frequency: 100% of users pass through city roads every day

XPeng’s second half path

First half: As of 2022, high-level intelligent assisted driving capabilities in single scene such as expressways and underground parking lots have been achieved.

Second half: Urban navigation assisted driving will be officially realized in 2022, full-scene intelligent assisted driving will be realized from 2023 to 2024. And from 2025, it will officially move towards fully autonomous driving and driverless driving.

02 – The ultimate product form of XNGR assisted driving

Full-scene assisted driving from P to P

– Can be used in all cities across the country, even without a map

– Can be used every hour of the day, easily cover the daily commute

– Seamlessly connect various driving scenarios, the experience is not interrupted

– As easy to use as an experienced driver, some scenes have zero takeovers

System capability to realize full-scenario intelligent assisted driving

508 TOPS computing power, dual lidar, 800W pixel high-definition vision, greatly improved hardware strength

The ability for driving in unmapped area greatly upgraded, XNet deep visual neural network, an anthropomorphic decision-making system, continuous breakthroughs and upgrades in software capabilities

Using a fully closed-loop, self-growing AI and data system, Self iteration so easy!

XNGP release plan (applicable to Xpeng G9 Max version)

Realizable function:


– All delivered vehicles having highway NGP, memory parking, LCC, smart parking and other functions

First half of 2023:

– City NGP is released, supporting Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and the newly added city Shanghai

– The ability to recognize traffic lights and go straight through intersections is open nationwide (all cities without maps)

Second half of 2023:

Most unmapped cities have the ability to change lanes, overtake, and turn left and right*


Open the whole scene, realize intelligent navigation from parking space to parking space, assisted driving ability

* The availability of some high-level capabilities will be opened in stages according to the number of users and the progress of the test


03 – The latest exploration of XPeng Robotaxi

New progress:
XPeng G9 has successfully passed the closed-site test of autonomous driving and obtained the license of “Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test.”

The G9 has become the industry’s first mass-produced vehicle that successfully completed the above tests and obtained the license only by upgrading and strengthening the autonomous driving software without changing the hardware.

System significance:
Autonomous driving and high-level assisted driving have progressed in parallel, realizing the closed-loop feedback of data and capabilities.