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Luckin’s raw cheese latte with record breaking sales

It is learned from Chinese social media, Luckin Coffee has welcomed a new member. It is the raw cheese latte that sold over 1.31 million cups in a single day on its first release, breaking the sales record.

Why it can get so many people’s likes, the key lies in its taste. This method of blending the rich cheese and milky aroma and light and delicate texture into the mellow latte has upgraded the taste of Luckin Coffee.

Like the rich milky aroma of thick milk, the fresh coconut flavor of raw coconut and the extreme silkiness of velvet, the raw cheese latte also has a very recognizable drinking experience: mellow, light and salty, light and smooth, combining the cheesy flavor and texture to the extreme.

The outstanding performance of the raw cheese latte comes from Luckin’s first-class explosive creation strength: the new product innovation selects the classic raw cheese from New Zealand, and integrates the rich cheese milk aroma and light and delicate texture into the fragrant latte. To this end, Luckin conducted 43 repeated research and development evaluations, and found the exclusive golden ratio of Zhixiang, milky, and coffee, which greatly improved the aroma recognition of the whole cup of latte. At the same time, the taste has been completely upgraded, showing the silky, delicate and light touch on the tip of the tongue. It has refreshed people’s cognition of latte once again.

Besides the raw cheese latte, Luckin has been gaining hot popularity with other evergreen latte series such as shoulder thick milk, raw coconut, and velvet.