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Having concerns about battery swap? – NIO answers your questions

Having concerns about battery swap? Recently, NIO has answered frequently asked questions on Chinese social media.


The battery is frequently loaded and unloaded for the replacement. Can the battery be fastened?

Don’t worry about this at all.

NIO’s original fastener bolt set, Bayobolt, ensures the locking of the vehicle chassis and battery pack with six degrees of freedom in the three-dimensional direction. Its high durability can support more than 3,000 battery swaps for the entire vehicle, covering the travel of 600,000 kilometers in the life cycle of the whole vehicle. The bolt group has the ability and characteristics of floating tightening, anti-loosening locking, automatic thread guiding and meshing, and high bearing capacity. All this ensures a reliable connection between the battery and the body, and can firmly lock the battery pack even in extreme collision situations.

How to ensure the safety and reliability of the replaced battery?

First of all, after each battery enters the swap station, it will go through dozens of tests to ensure its health, which is equivalent to giving it a comprehensive physical examination. The battery detection of the swap station will be synchronized to NIO Cloud, and their dynamics will be tracked in real time to ensure that they are in the best state at all times, which greatly improves the safety of the battery.

How long does it take to change the battery?

The NIO power station has more than 1,400 patents, and the replacement only takes the time of one song, bringing users a convenient power-up experience, making power-up more convenient than refueling. And every time you change the battery, we will conduct a three-electric self-check on the whole car to ensure that your car and battery are always in the best condition.

Is the battery replacement completely free?

The first owner can change the battery free of charge for life, and enjoy 4 or 6 times a month. Specifically, if the user chooses to give up the rights of home charging piles, the user can enjoy the rights of 6 free battery swaps per month; if the user chooses to keep the rights of home charging piles, the user can enjoy the rights of 4 free battery swaps per month. No matter which option you choose, after the number of free battery swaps per month is used up, other battery swap services in the month need to pay the corresponding electricity and service charges according to the cost calculation standard displayed on the NIO APP at that time.

Will there be radiation in the swap station?

The shell of the swap station is made of aluminum alloy sheet with stronger penetration resistance and barrier capability, which can absorb and shield more than 98% of electromagnetic radiation. When the battery is fully charged by the battery swap station, the electromagnetic radiation power conducted by these batteries will not exceed -25dBm (decibel milliwatts). In layman’s terms, the radiation at this time is less than one-tenth of the radiation emitted by a mobile phone.

How many power stations are there?

As of October 23, NIO has built 1,185 power swap stations, with a coverage rate of 65.72% in the power area, unlocking the ultimate power-up experience for users; it has built a highway power swap network in five vertical, three horizontal, and four major urban agglomerations, and continues to increase the dense layout, to make the connection between cities more closely for enjoyable long-distance travel.

* Electricity area: Residential or office space within 5 kilometers from the swap station