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XPeng conducted test flight of 2-ton electric flying car

On this year’s 1024 XPeng Technology Day, XPeng released the latest version of an electric and intelligent land-air flying car with a distributed multi-rotor configuration. According to reports, the test flight of the modified flying car has been completed before, with a take-off weight of about 2 tons and a rotor diameter of nearly 3.5 meters.


In 2020, XPeng Huitian, was officially established. In October 2021, XPeng Huitian completed over US$500 million in Series A financing, with a pre-investment valuation of US$1 billion, setting a financing record in the field of flying cars in Asia.

Last year, on the 1024 XPeng Technology Day, XPeng officially announced the concept design of the flying car with tandem twin-rotor configuration, and clarified the four core features of this product: electric, intelligent, vertical take-off and landing, and land-air integration.

This year, in the new version of the concept released, the tandem twin-rotor configuration is replaced by a distributed multi-rotor configuration. The newly designed XPeng flying car has a take-off weight of about 2 tons and a rotor diameter of 3.5 meters. The code name in the research and development test flight is X3.

In less than a year since the last year’s Technology Day, the actual prototype of the car flying has been built and the test flight conducted before this year’s Technology Day.