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BYD cooperates with Saga Group, the largest car dealer in Brazil

It is learned from BYD, recently, BYD and Brazil’s largest distributor group Saga opened their first store in the capital Brasilia – BYD Saga Brasília. Up to now, BYD has established 10 dealer offline stores in Brazil, and continues to provide local consumers with high-quality new energy vehicle sales and after-sales service.


Opening ceremony site; Left: Li Tie, General Manager of BYD Brazil Branch; Right: Sérgio Maia, CEO of Saga Group

Sérgio Maia, CEO of Saga Group, said: “The completion of the first new energy vehicle store of BYD and Saga Group is a milestone for us. The cooperation with BYD, the world’s leading new energy vehicle leader, means that Saga Group is advancing with the times and moving towards the era of global transportation electrification.”

Li Tie, General Manager of BYD Brazil Branch, said: “The partnership with Saga Group, the largest car dealer in Brazil, is crucial to consolidate the development of the BYD auto brand in the Brazilian market. In the future, we will work together to promote the green and low-carbon transformation of local transportation.”

The first store of BYD and Brazil’s largest car dealer Saga Group

At present, BYD has 10 new energy vehicle dealer stores in Brazil, and has obtained franchise rights in 31 major local cities. It is expected that by the end of this year, the business layout will be expanded to 45 cities, and 100 stores will be established by the end of 2023. In Brazil, BYD has launched the luxury pure electric SUV Tang EV, pure electric sedan Han EV and D1 and other models, and recently launched the pre-sale of the hybrid model Song PLUS DM-i.