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G9 delivery started and reported by XPeng

It is learned from XPeng, on October 27, XPeng held a new car delivery ceremony for the first batch of owners of XPeng G9 at the Guangzhou Huangpu Delivery Center, and announced that the delivery of users in 100 cities across the country will start one after another.


The following is the content reported by XPeng.

At the event, the existing owner of X-walker gave a speech to welcome the newcomer and introduced the rich activities of XPeng to the new friends.



Among the first batch of G9 owners, there are also familiar existing owner friends, from G3 to P7 to P5, they have witnessed the growth of XPeng at different stages, and they have also fully evolved the G9, especially the high-quality luxury and comfort and millions of cars. The driving experience is deeply affirmed.

A car owner said that his family is a music lover, and he likes the G9’s excellent sound quality and 5D music cockpit very much. At the same time, he is also a car market lover. The G9’s ultra-fast charging, external function and smart space will bring very practical benefits for outdoor living experience.



With the delivery ceremony, the first batch of G9 car owners in the country were generated, and 9 groups of families loved their cars, officially unlocking the unprecedented high-quality travel life brought by XPeng G9.



As the flagship model of the XPeng brand, the G9 is extremely innovative in terms of electrification, intelligence, driving quality, luxury and comfort. Equipped with intelligent dual-chamber air suspension system, 800V high-voltage ultra-fast charging platform, a new generation of XNGP intelligent driving assistance system, 5D music cockpit, full-scene voice 2.0 and luxurious configurations supported by a number of intelligent technologies, G9 takes into account high-quality comfort and enjoyment Experience and driving pleasure, whether for family travel or personal driving, G9 is the best choice for smart electric SUVs within 500,000 yuan.

From now on, as more G9 mass-produced vehicles arrive in stores one after another, delivery will also begin in 100 cities across the country, including Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. We are excited to welcome more XPeng G9 friends to start a new travel life together, and look forward to hearing more users share their car experience with us.