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BYD participates in solar energy construction in Brazil, producing more than 2 million photovoltaic modules

BYD participates in solar energy construction in Brazil, producing more than 2 million photovoltaic modules

It is learned from Shenzhen Commercial Daily, recently, BYD’s subsidiary BYD Energy Brazil Branch has produced more than 2 million photovoltaic modules. This means that BYD’s photovoltaic industry in Brazil has ushered in a new milestone after five years of operation, and has become a model for sustainable technology research and development in Latin America.

As the world’s leading new energy company, BYD’s overall business focuses on the acquisition, storage and application of clean energy, and is committed to contributing new energy solutions to cities around the world. Through products such as photovoltaic modules, lithium batteries and new energy vehicles, BYD promotes the development of the new energy industry and builds a green future.

BYD is one of the important players in the Brazilian solar energy market. It has not only produced 2 million photovoltaic modules, but also established a solar cell research laboratory. It is in the leading position in the Brazilian photovoltaic industry in terms of output, quality and technological innovation.

Li Tie, general manager of BYD Energy Brazil Branch, said, “The breakthrough from 0 to 2 million marks that BYD has embarked on a new journey in the distributed power generation market in Brazil. BYD has been committed to using new energy products to promote local sustainable development.”

In April, BYD opened a new photovoltaic module production line at its Campinas plant in Brazil, and transformed the production line equipment and production process through advanced means to achieve the goal of technological optimization. The new production line is compatible with all sizes of photovoltaic cells currently on the market, and its productivity and efficiency can be greatly improved, further promoting the upgrading of the energy industry.

At the same time, BYD also announced that it will start producing new photovoltaic modules in Brazil in December 2023. This product is an N-type TOPCON photovoltaic module product with a power of 575 watts. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and durability, and will provide a competitive solution for local customers in Brazil.