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NIO Reported the Specifics of ET7 Receiving Euro NCAP Five-Star Safety Rating

It is reported by NIO, on November 16, NIO ET7 received a five-star safety rating from Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme), becoming another NIO model to receive a five-star rating after the ES8.


Euro NCAP was established in December 1996. It is the most authoritative safety testing organization in the automotive industry. The full-time safety function requirements before, during and after the accident are unique in the safety evaluation. In each category, there are a series of rigorous tests covering different working conditions to simulate emergency situations that may occur in reality.

Let us understand the performance of ET7 in various tests.

Adult Passengers

In the ET7 test of the frontal progressive variable moving barrier with the relative speed of the vehicle at 100km/h, the passenger compartment remains stable,
The key parts of the driver and passengers, including the head and neck, chest and abdomen, knees and femur, are well protected.

Thanks to the body design concept of the NIO family, the high-strength frontal collision structure design of ET7, especially the super-strong front anti-collision beam and front longitudinal beam, make the key structure of the body have high-strength impact resistance and torsion resistance performance, ensuring vehicle safety and performance.

In addition, all ET7s sold in the Chinese and European markets are equipped with 7 airbags as standard, as well as the seat belt pre-tensioning function that is automatically triggered in the event of a collision.
Among them, the FCA (Farside Center Airbag) remote middle airbag is the first standard configuration in the Chinese market, which can effectively prevent secondary collision hazards such as head-to-head/side impact, and bring comprehensive safety protection to the driver and passengers.

Child Passengers

In the front deformable mobile barrier and side barrier tests, the NIO ET7 provided good protection for all key body areas of the 6-year-old and 10-year-old child dummies, scoring full marks in this test.

Vulnerable Road Users & Safety Assist

Thanks to the fusion of Aquila’s ultra-sensing system’s lidar and high-definition camera, the automatic emergency braking (AEB) system of ET7 can predict the possible dangers caused by pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles in advance, and make timely responses to avoid collisions.

In terms of other enhanced safety assistance functions, the driver fatigue detection system, lane departure assistance, speed limit recognition and other functions also performed well in the test, ensuring the safety of people inside and outside the car.

ET7 was originally designed in accordance with Chinese and European five-star safety standards. It has an ultra-high-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body, and the torsional rigidity of the vehicle is as high as 37,100 N·m/deg. In addition, ET7’s leading body structure design and active and passive safety functions are also the key to the five-star Euro NCAP rating.

ET7 will continue to provide global users with a safe and pleasant car experience with its leading safety performance, and welcome the future together.