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EHang signed strategic cooperations with eight enterprises for UAM development

It is reported on November 17 by EHang, recently, EHang held a joint signing ceremony for strategic cooperation in low-altitude economic and ecological development at the Guangzhou R&D Center.

Eight enterprise entities respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements with EHang through online and offline forms, with the entities including:
Romantic Red Group, a state-owned enterprise affiliated to Huizhou District, Huangshan City;
Guangzhou Heli Chuangxing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.;
Huangshan Huishang Bank;
Guangdong Dezhou Chamber of Commerce;
Jimei Group;
Shenzhen Hydrogen Blue Times Company;
Guangdong Industry and Finance Group; and
Lvji Technology Group.

All parties will jointly create a rich and colorful urban air mobility (UAM) ecology around the green and environmentally friendly low-altitude new economic industry.


Urban air mobility can cover application scenarios such as urban commuting, low-altitude tourism, logistics transportation, fire fighting, emergency rescue, etc., and has broad development potential. It has been a hot track in the past two years.

Wan Shunli, deputy head of Huizhou District, Huangshan City, said that this signing is a vivid portrayal of the in-depth integration and application of passenger autonomous aircraft in the excellent tourist scenic spots of Huizhou District. It will definitely enrich the new connotation of the development of tourism industry in Huizhou District and even Huangshan City, expand new space, and provide tourists with a new experience in the air.


Fang Xin, the chief operating officer of EHang, said that the low-altitude economic and ecological development strategic cooperation signed between EHang and its partners will focus on low-altitude economic application scenarios such as air tours, further open up the industry’s ecological industry chain, and improve the development of global urban air mobility.

“As a pioneer in the urban air traffic industry, EHang has taken the lead in exploring and has accumulated rich flight experience and trial operation experience. We are very happy to be able to join hands with all partners. This will set a new milestone in our exploration of urban air mobility. ” Fang Xin said.

Hu Huazhi, the founder, chairman and CEO of EHang, and representatives of various entities including
Guangzhou Office of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government,
Xinjiang Autonomous Region People’s Government Office in Guangzhou,
Henan Provincial People’s Government Government Office in Guangzhou,
Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Government Office in Guangzhou,
and relevant persons in charge of Guangzhou Office of the People’s Government of Guangxi Autonomous Region attended the signing ceremony.

They also visited the EHang R&D Center and watched the flight demonstration of the EH216-S passenger autonomous aircraft.

The Urban Air Mobility Industry Research Report released earlier by Morgan Stanley predicts that the global urban air mobility market will be worth $9 trillion by 2050.
The broad development prospects of the industry will attract more and more enterprises and government organizations to join the innovative ecology of urban air mobility, and continue to explore and utilize the vast low-altitude resources to create a safer, more convenient, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly smart transportation life for people, and lead a richer consumption form.