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BYD: accepted institutional research from Tiger Pacific Capital

BYD: accepted institutional research from Tiger Pacific Capital

On November 22, 2022, BYD issued an announcement saying that the company accepted institutional research on November 21, 2022, and Tiger Pacific Capital Analyst Mickell Zhong participated (source: Securities Star)

The specific content is as follows:

Q: When will the Yangwang brand launch its first car?

A: The Yangwang brand will officially release its first model in the first quarter of 2023. With disruptive technologies and products, it will bring users an unprecedented new experience of extreme performance.

Q: What are the advantages and highlights of the company’s eight-in-one electric powertrain technology?

A: The eight-in-one electric assembly integrates three-in-one charging and distribution assembly, three-in-one electric drive and electronic control assembly, vehicle VCU, battery management system BMS components, Compared with the existing independent components, it can achieve the ideal effect of reducing the volume by 16%, reducing the weight by 10%, achieving an OBC efficiency of 95%, and a comprehensive vehicle efficiency of 89%, leading the development strategy of future new energy vehicle product platforms.

Q: What is the response of BYD models overseas?

A: BYD is actively deploying overseas business, and has successively entered the passenger car markets in Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Singapore, Costa Rica, Thailand and other countries, and has received widespread attention and love from local consumers. The Yuan Plus (right-hand drive version) model has been available for reservations in Thailand since the beginning of October, and the “reservation tide” ushered in that day. Car enthusiasts queued up to order in the middle of the night, which triggered reports from many media in Thailand.

Q: What is the future model plan of the company’s Tengshi brand?

A: Tengshi plans to launch five series of products, covering MPV, SUV, sedan and urban sports car, etc., positioning luxury and refinement to meet the diversified needs of users in the new era.

Q: How about the company’s passenger cars going overseas in Japan?

A: In July, BYD Japan Branch (BYD JPN Co., Ltd.) held a brand conference in Tokyo, announcing its official entry into the Japanese passenger car market, and unveiled three models: Yuan PLUS, Dolphin and Seal. Yuan PLUS is expected to be released in the first half of 2023, and Dolphin and Seal are expected to be released in the middle and second half of 2023, respectively.


It is understood that BYD main businesses include new energy vehicle-based automobile business, mobile phone parts and assembly business, secondary rechargeable battery and photovoltaic business, and BYD also actively expand the urban rail transit business field.

In the last 90 days, a total of 40 institutions have rated the stock, 30 with buy ratings, and 10 with overweight ratings.