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NIO has launched four coffee products

NIO has launched four coffee products

It is learned on November 25 from media outlet HuanqiuWang, NIO will provide users with special drinks, coffee and other beverages in NIO Centers across the country, and sell coffee products on NIO Life.

It reported that 4 coffee products and 3 hand-made coffee devices have been launched on NIO Life, the online shopping mall of NIO.

Tianyancha App data site shows that not long ago, Shanghai NIO Automobile Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of 4 “NIO CAFE” trademarks, which are internationally classified as catering and accommodation, beer and beverages, etc.

In this regard, industry insiders analyzed that NIO’s move is to improve its own ecological chain. As a prominent new-force “lifestyle” brand, in addition to car sales, NIO established the original lifestyle brand “NIO Life” as early as 2018, and launched many high-quality peripheral products covering all aspects of life, so as to enhance user brand stickiness and brand tonality.