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NIO reported the specifics of official launch of first power station in the Netherlands

It is reported on December 2 by NIO, on December 1, 2022, the first NIO power station in the Netherlands was officially launched in Tilburg. At present, the first batch of vehicles has been delivered in the Netherlands. With the official launch of the first battery swap station, Dutch users will start a pleasant battery swap experience.

The first power station in the Netherlands is located at the Van der Valk Hotel in Tilburg, next to the A58 highway. The launch of the station is convenient for users to travel between the two cities of Tilburg and Breda.

Daniel de Groot, head of NIO Energy Netherlands, said: “NIO’s unique battery replacement mode brings users more choices. In addition to home charging, public charging, and high-speed fast charging, users can also choose an efficient battery replacement service to start off with a full charge faster and enjoy a pleasant and convenient travel experience. “

At present, NIO users can travel worry-free and participate in various ice and snow sports through the exchange of power stations between Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Munich.

With the launch of the swap station, in the future, users can also replace larger capacity battery packs during holiday travel, flexibly choose the battery capacity that suits travel needs, expand the travel radius, and experience longer EV battery range.

On January 19 this year, Europe’s first NIO battery swap station went online in Norway, and since then, the swap stations in Germany and Sweden have also been launched one after another. The Tilburg power swap station is the starting point of the domestic power swap network in the Netherlands. In the future, the Netherlands will continue to launch new power swap stations as part of the European power swap network.