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NIO announced important version updates for three major intelligent systems: Aspen, Alder and Banyan

NIO announced important version updates for three major intelligent systems: Aspen, Alder and Banyan

It is learned from NIO, on December 2, NIO announced that its three major intelligent systems, Aspen, Alder and Banyan, have ushered in important version updates. The content covers cockpit experience, driving control, assisted driving and other fields, and more than 100 functions have been added and optimized. This system upgrade covers all NIO models.

Since its establishment, NIO has regarded the intelligent experience of electric vehicles as one of the core competitiveness of its products. NIO intelligent system includes on-board intelligent hardware, vehicle computing platform, operating system, intelligent algorithm and intelligent application.

All models of each intelligent system have the same intelligent hardware and computing platform, allowing different models of the same technology platform of NIO to share the operating system and intelligent algorithm, and providing users with a highly consistent intelligent application experience.

In August 2021, NIO named the first-generation intelligent system Aspen, which is installed on the existing ES8, ES6 and EC6 models.


In March 2022, NIO released the intelligent system Banyan, which is based on NIO’s second-generation technology platform NT2. NIO’s super-sensing system Aquila and super-computing platform Adam are components of the Banyan intelligent system, respectively for the vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware and the vehicle-mounted computing platform.
Banyan is installed on ET7, ES7, and ET5 models.


In June 2022, NIO released the intelligent system Alder. The system is upgraded from Aspen, and has more powerful hardware to provide stronger perception capabilities, higher computing power, and bring a richer cockpit experience.
Alder is installed on the 2022 ES8, ES6, and EC6.
NIO said, all existing owners of ES8, ES6, and EC6 can carry out after-installation upgrades through smart hardware upgrades.


This time, NIO is pushing Aspen 3.3.0 and Alder 1.1.0 systems with Banyan 1.2.0 to follow.