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Specifics of latest firmware upgrades for NIO three intelligent systems: Banyan 1.2.0, Alder 1.1.0, Aspen 3.3.0

Specifics of latest firmware upgrades for NIO three intelligent systems: Banyan 1.2.0, Alder 1.1.0, Aspen 3.3.0

According to NIO, on December 2, NIO released firmware upgrades for the three major intelligent systems of Banyan, Alder, and Aspen, covering multiple areas such as cockpit experience, driving control, and assisted driving, including more than 100 new functions and optimizations. The latest versions of the three system are, respectively, Banyan 1.2.0, Alder 1.1.0, Aspen 3.3.0.

Banyan 1.2.0

Banyan system is installed on the ET7, ES7, and ET5.

Banyan ushered in the second major update in 2022, with over 50 new and optimized functions in version 1.2.0.

– After leaving the car without power off, camping mode and pet mode, a guard mode is added to the parking scene.

– Based on four ultra-wide-angle cameras and a smart interior perception camera to achieve 360-degree full coverage

– The gyroscope and door sensor in the car can effectively detect vehicle vibration and illegal intrusion, etc.

– The guard mode can push the detected alarm information to the user through NIO App message and mobile phone text message.

– It supports mobile phones to remotely view the real situation outside the car, and has reliable privacy protection measures.

In terms of cockpit audio-visual experience, version 1.2.0 has added a new tuning style of ET7 and a “driver” sound field mode to provide a better listening experience.

– At the same time, NIO Immersive Sound combines QQ Music and Kuwo Music respectively.

– The Dolby Atmos zone and vinyl zone were launched to meet users’ needs for high-quality audio sources.

– NetEase Cloud Music, Volcano Car Entertainment, and Migu Video have landed on the car, providing users with richer audio-visual content.

In addition, the Banyan 1.2.0 version also provides functions and experience optimization including car standby mode, English interface, low-temperature charging preheating, and ET7 vehicle short-distance calling.

Alder 1.1.0

Alder is installed on the 2022 ES8, ES6, and EC6.

The firmware of Alder has been upgraded to version 1.1.0, adding new functions:

– guard mode

– remote viewing of live events outside the car

– volcano car entertainment

– vinyl area

– HUD three navigation modes, and

– other functions

Aspen 3.3.0

Aspen is installed on the existing ES8, ES6 and EC6 models.

The firmware of Aspen has been upgraded to version 3.3.0, adding new functions:

– volcano car entertainment

– vinyl area,

– EQ equalizer

– optimizing the experience of NIO Pilot, etc.



NIO intelligent system includes on-board intelligent hardware, vehicle computing platform, operating system, intelligent algorithm and intelligent application, named after trees. Through continuous upgrades, each system brings users a frequently updated new car experience.