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XPeng new MPV spy photos exposed, code-named H93, expected to debut next year

Recently, some netizens exposed road test spy photos of the new MPV model of XPeng, according to auto media outlet ZhongcheWang.

The new vehicle may be positioned as a medium-to-large MPV, code-named H93, which adopts XPeng’s classic family design language and is equipped with pure electric power. It is expected to be officially unveiled within the next year.

Judging from the spy photos exposed this time, the new car has an obvious XPeng family-style front face design style. The entire front face adopts a closed design and is equipped with a split light group design. The upper part is a penetrating LED light strip, and the lower part is a high and low beam light group. It is expected that a heat dissipation opening is designed in the front enclosure position, and the design of the entire front face is quite simple.

Viewed from the side, the whole vehicle is a typical MPV style, with a square and straight body line, equipped with hidden door handles and double side sliding door design. It is expected that the space performance in the car will also be quite superior.

At present, the news about this car is still very limited, and there is no more news about its interior design and powertrain. Judging from the previously exposed product planning of XPeng, it will launch 3 models in 2023, including the new XPeng P7, the code-named F30 model and the code-named H93 model.

The new MPV exposed this time is a brand-new model code-named H93, and the code-named F30 may be a coupe-type SUV.