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BYD DENZA D9: November delivery sharp increase of 886% month-on-month, setting a new benchmark for luxury MPV

BYD DENZA D9: November delivery sharp increase of 886% month-on-month, setting a new benchmark for luxury MPV

It is learned on December 7 from BYD, Denza Motors announced the latest sales: In November, Denza D9 sold 3,451 units, a month-on-month increase of 886%. With an average price of 415,000 yuan, Denza D9 has demonstrated the strength of China’s luxury MPV value benchmark.

Denza D9, which is positioned as an epoch-making intelligent luxury all-round MPV, has BYD’s world-leading new energy technology and Mercedes-Benz’s luxury car genes. With the five luxury features of “design, ride, intelligence, control, and safety”, it demonstrates the strong product strength. Denza D9 provides DM-i super hybrid and EV pure electric power, a total of 7 model versions. With 30 first-in-class, leading and unique advantageous configurations, it effectively meets the full-scenario needs of “Business and Family”.

Since its release, it has quickly won the recognition and favor of consumers, and has attracted the attention of many users in the traditional luxury car segment.
It is reported that users from Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other brands accounted for 50% of the users who purchased Denza D9. Since its launch in August, the number of subscriptions for Denza D9 has exceeded 30,000, leading the trend of the new energy luxury market and reshaping the pattern of market segments.

With the superimposition of various favorable factors, the ramp-up of Denza D9’s production capacity is expected to further accelerate in December, and the accumulated orders on hand will also be delivered faster. From the first quarter of next year, Denza will launch new products one after another to release the potential with a richer product matrix.

While production and delivery are working together, Denza’s channel layout is also advancing hand in hand. Denza insists on direct marketing of all channels and eliminates service outsourcing, creating a multi-level model of “Denza experience store focusing on user experience, Denza center with full functions, and Denza MINI center close to users and convenient service”. At present, Denza has 146 stores across the country, and the channel construction continues to accelerate, achieving full coverage in core cities, fully meeting the experience needs of high-end consumers, and further achieving wider services and closer experience.

Denza’s strong start in the market, in addition to products and services that bring users a full luxury travel experience, is inseparable from its adherence to the concepts of “user-centric” and “co-creation”. In order to provide users with a better experience, Denza initiated the user co-creation 2.0 model, that is, the user co-creation throughout the product life cycle. In the past few months, Denza has organized public projects and activities such as “User Co-creation Conference”, “User Appreciation Exchange Meeting”, etc. to communicate face-to-face with users, listen to users’ voices, and truly co-create products with users.

In response to the decline in new energy vehicle subsidies, Denza has issued a price adjustment announcement a few days ago. With the start of delivery of the subsequent EV version, Denza D9 will further accelerate the restructuring of the high-end MPV market by virtue of industry-leading product strength and new luxury services, and lead the transformation of China’s new energy luxury market forward.