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BYD plans to build factory in Europe to make electric cars

BYD plans to build factory in Europe to make electric cars

It is learned on December 7 from auto media outlet Aika Auto, recently, BYD executives said in an interview that they plan to build a factory in Europe to produce electric vehicles.

Thanks to the business opportunities brought about by electrification transformation, BYD has entered many markets around the world.

In September, BYD announced that it would launch three major new energy products in Europe, including Han, Tang and Yuan PLUS. At present, it has entered the Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, and German markets, and will continue to expand into the British and French markets. As demand increases, it becomes a reasonable choice to produce new energy products locally in Europe.

Recently, BYD’s factory in India officially rolled off the ATTO 3. The new car is produced by SKD assembly. The Indian Chennai factory plans to complete SKD assembly of 15,000 ATTO 3 and 2,000 new E6s in 2023 to meet the needs of the Indian market. According to reports, BYD will also start localized production in Brazil in the future.