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BYD reached strategic cooperation with Chilean dealer group ASTARA, and unveiled Han & Tang models

BYD reached strategic cooperation with Chilean dealer group ASTARA, and unveiled Han & Tang models

It is learned from BYD, on December 7 local time, BYD debuted two new energy models, Han and Tang, in Chile, and announced that it has reached a cooperation with the local car dealer group ASTARA to jointly provide new energy passenger car products for the Chilean market and promote the local car electric vehicles.

BYD’s new energy vehicles will start localized sales in early 2023, another important milestone in the country’s market since BYD launched its electric bus in Chile five years ago.

Signing ceremony site;
Left: Li Ke, Executive Vice President of BYD Co., Ltd. and President of BYD Americas;
Right: Francisco Urzua, CEO of ASTARA Group

Li Ke, executive vice president of BYD Co., Ltd. and president of BYD Americas, said: “We are very pleased that BYD has taken this new step in Chile. As a firm advocate of sustainable development, we are committed to helping Chile’s green transportation transition. Currently, there are 455 BYD pure electric buses and 50 BYD pure electric taxis in operation in Chile. Now we have once again witnessed a new chapter of BYD’s new energy passenger vehicles entering the Chilean market. “

During the event, BYD’s two flagship models, the Han EV and Tang EV, also made their debut in the country. These two new energy models integrate safety, technology, performance and comfort, follow the unique “Dragon Face” design language, and integrate solemn and majestic oriental art aesthetics. It will accurately meet the green travel needs of the local market and bring high-end driving experience to consumers.

Han & Tang models unveiled in Chile

The development of electrified transportation is a global trend, and Chile is also making steady progress. From 2017 when BYD’s first pure electric bus entered Santiago, Chile, to 2018 when BYD assisted Chile in building the largest pure electric bus fleet in Latin America, and then to the opening of Chile’s first pure electric bus franchise line in 2019, with the help of BYD, Santiago has time and time again led the development trend of electric vehicles in Latin America and has become the “pioneering demonstration area” for electric vehicles in Latin America.

As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD has been actively participating and has become an important force in the sustainable development of local public transportation. Today, BYD has entered the local market with two new energy passenger vehicles, and will continue to actively expand its business in Chile in the future, and is committed to building a diversified product matrix of new energy passenger vehicles in Chile.


Local KOL test drive

For more than 20 years, BYD has provided excellent and sustainable electric vehicle experience to users around the world. In November 2022, BYD’s 3 millionth new energy vehicle will officially roll off the production line, becoming the first Chinese brand to achieve this milestone. In the future, BYD will cooperate with local distributors in Chile to jointly build a localized sales and service system, provide Chilean users with a better consumption experience, and further help Chile move towards a green future and achieve sustainable development.