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PetroChina and NIO jointly built the first charging and swapping station in Ningxia


It is learned from Ningxia News Network, on December 8, Ningxia’s first charging and swapping integrated station jointly built by PetroChina and NIO was officially put into operation at Baohu Road Oil and Gas Station in Yinchuan.

It marks that PetroChina has begun to explore cross-industry alliances to develop the electric vehicle battery replacement business in Ningxia.


It is understood that the charging and swapping integrated station is jointly invested and constructed by PetroChina Ningxia Sales Company and NIO Yinchuan Company, realizing cross-border cooperation. On the basis of the original oil and gas station, the new energy vehicle energy supplement business has been improved by adding NIO charging and swapping equipment. This is the first cooperation project between PetroChina and NIO in Ningxia.

The integrated charging and swapping station equipment covers an area of about 150 square meters. There is one set of NIO second-generation swapping station, and 3 sets of NIO super charging piles with 6 guns. The swap station can accommodate 13 batteries. It can replace 312 NIO new energy pure electric vehicles with full load every day. The charging gun is open to social new energy vehicles 24 hours a day, and can charge 300 new energy pure electric vehicles with full load every day.


Zhou Jianguo, deputy general manager of PetroChina Ningxia Sales Company, attended the commissioning ceremony and delivered a speech on behalf of PetroChina Ningxia Sales Company.

Zhou Jianguo said that the strong cooperation between PetroChina Ningxia Sales Company and NIO Yinchuan Company is an important measure for both parties to make full use of their superior resources to boost the development of Ningxia’s new energy vehicle business. PetroChina Ningxia Sales Co., Ltd. implements the corporate purpose of PetroChina “green development, dedicating energy, increasing motivation for customer growth, and empowering people’s happiness”. Energy automobile companies cooperate in multiple modes and channels, and make due contributions to Ningxia’s green construction with bluer sky, clearer water and greener land.