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EHang featured on Gongdong TV’s Documentary as one of the promising future stories in the Greater Bay Area

On December 11, EHang submitted a Weibo post for Documentary “Foreseeing China: Seeing the Future from the Greater Bay Area” by Guangdong TV ElectricShock News (GBA News) program.

The Greater Bay Area is emerging as a lab for China’s future. EHang has been featured in the Documentary as one of the promising future stories in the Greater Bay Area.

In the documentary, Fang Xin, COO of Ehang has been interviewed.

He introduced that the flight speed of EH216 AAV is about 100 kilometers per hour. It can cover the entire Greater Bay Area in an hour. EHang proposed a 100-line plan last year that will first establish testing routes in the GBA.

He said, to popularize this industry in the future, we need the public to see the future of transport with their own eyes. The government gave us a venue to utilize Huangpu Innovation Park and build the first demonstration site for 5G smart transportation.

In the documentary, it was mentioned that 80% of all disasters in aviation are man-made or due to the pilot. But for autonomous flights, neither the driver nor the passenger, need to participate in driving. You can fully enjoy the convenience, safety and freedom of this travel.

He further said that there are a lot of driverless cars now. In the future, they will share one unified command center, which makes it more scientific. Our dispatch mobilization center is like a brain. Through 4G and 5G networks, it can oversea all planes from a total of 11 testing sites, providing remote dispatch and command.

Dispatch and command center
Flying AAVs along flight routes being monitored by the command center

Furthermore, using IoT platforms, we were able to build 3D model in the air. It is equivalent to building countless highways in the air.

All our AAVs rely on our algorithm. In case the flight is disconnected from the networks, it can still fly and land with precision.