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Road test spy photos of new Xpeng P7 exposed | Carrying high hope for XPeng’s rebound?

It is learned on December 13 from Chinese auto media outlet Qiche Qingbao (Car Intelligence), recently, road test spy photos of the new Xpeng P7 were exposed.

As the first model of XPeng, the new XPeng P7 seems to shoulder more important responsibilities this time.

According to data, the new Xpeng P7 will have different adjustments in terms of appearance, interior and performance.

From the appearance point of view, the overall outline of the new Xpeng P7 is not much different from the current model. After all, it is a remodeled model, so the adjustment range is understandable. The penetrating light strip above and the split headlights remain unchanged, and the changes surrounding the lower part should not be too large. However, the reason why the headlights did not show the whole picture is probably because the cover part is equipped with lidar.

The side is the place where the new Xpeng P7 has changed the least, and the hidden door handle is not outdated now. However, in order to enhance the freshness, the designer still changed the wheels with a new shape. At the rear, the taillight group also maintains the current model. As for other aspects, although the camouflage is tight, there is a high probability that it is only a small detail change, and the role is limited to distinguishing the old and new models.

Compared with the appearance, the interior of the new XPeng P7 is the highlight.
Although the style of the center console has not changed, the steering wheel uses the latest style, which looks more advanced than the existing model. In addition, details including door panel decoration, wireless charging panel, cup holder and armrest box have also been changed. Although it seems that the improvement is not obvious, it should be aimed at improving the practicality.

As for the hardware level, it is said that the new XPeng P7 will be equipped with an electric motor with a maximum power of 203kW in terms of power, which has a certain performance improvement compared to the regular version of the present model.

In terms of intelligence, according to the hardware configuration seen above, the new XPeng P7 may be equipped with the latest intelligent driving assistance system to enhance the overall competitiveness.

As the first model of XPeng, the P7 can be said to be the hero who helped it expand its territory. Now that XPeng is under declining pressure for its vehicle sales, the arrival of the new XPeng P7 may become a powerful turnaround point for XPeng.