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Maersk Group signed a framework cooperation agreement with NIO on supply chain and comprehensive logistics services


On December 16, Maersk Group and NIO held a framework cooperation agreement signing ceremony at NIO Caohejing Innovation Center, according to Shanghai Securities News.

Wu Yunfan, head of Maersk Greater China M&A project, and Lu Jianxiao, head of NIO service operations, signed the agreement on behalf of the two parties.

Lu Jianxiao said:
“In the process of “going global” for Chinese smart electric vehicle brands, higher requirements are placed on the comprehensive capabilities of supply chain logistics. As the world’s leading shipping and logistics company, Maersk helps NIO quickly build a logistics platform in overseas markets, and helps NIO quickly enter the local market with sea, land and air, and end-to-end service models. In addition, Maersk’s global warehousing and distribution resources also provide strong support for NIO’s after-sales service. We hope to further deepen the all-round and multi-dimensional cooperation with Maersk, better adapt to the diversified industrial chain layout, and provide a better after-sales service experience for NIO users around the world. “

In the past six months, the cooperation between Maersk Group and NIO has involved the fields of sea transportation, land transportation, customs affairs and other fields of after-sales accessories and power station replacement. In the future, the two parties will also jointly explore full-chain management and service cooperation including domestic cargo distribution centers, order management, inventory management, and foreign spare parts and battery storage.

Wu Yunfan expressed his gratitude to NIO for the affirmation of Maersk’s work, and looked forward to the future cooperation between the two parties.
He said: “Maersk’s supply chain management team has extensive experience in supply chain services for the automotive industry. By taking advantage of the company’s global logistics network and using the digital information platform, NIO can efficiently manage a large number of supplier orders, simplify the process, and improve the visibility of logistics information. This signing marks a new stage of cooperation between NIO and Maersk at home and abroad, and will help NIO build a complete supply chain system on a global scale. “