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BYD: Denza Motors and Tencent have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the popularization of green and low-carbon travel modes

It is learned from BYD, on December 16, 2022, Denza Motors and the Carbon Neutral Laboratory of Tencent’s Sustainable Social Value Division (hereinafter referred to as Tencent SSV) reached a strategic partnership and held a signing ceremony. Denza Motors has become the first high-end luxury car brand to reach a sustainable strategic cooperation with Tencent SSV.


Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Denza Motors (left); Zhai Yongping, Senior Advisor of Tencent Carbon Neutrality (right)

At the signing site, the two parties mutually awarded the status of “sustainable development strategic partner” and reached a cooperation agreement to explore sustainable development travel solutions and create sustainable social value.
According to the agreement, the two parties will focus on areas such as new energy vehicle travel, carbon inclusiveness, carbon neutral knowledge system popularization, environmental protection and public welfare, etc., combine the advantages of the car company and the Internet company to carry out innovative project cooperation, jointly disseminate and promote carbon-neutral related projects, promote the popularization of low-carbon lifestyles, and help achieve the national carbon-neutral goal.

Zhao Changjiang, general manager of Tengshi Motors, said:
“The popularization of new energy vehicles plays an important role in the country’s progress towards carbon neutrality. As a leading company in the industry, Denza has always been adhering to the sustainable development concept of ‘creating green cars with green electricity, selling green cars with green electricity, and charging green cars with green electricity’. In this cooperation, Denza Motors and Tencent will also give full play to the advantages of both parties, from new energy and low-carbon travel methods to sustainable digital practices, and make efforts to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. “

Zhai Yongping, Senior Advisor of Tencent Carbon Neutrality, said:
“Tencent SSV takes science and technology as its mission, and continues to explore high-quality and sustainable development paths through innovations in technology, products, and models. In the cooperation with Denza this time, the two parties will jointly create high-quality content around the field of life travel, jointly build public welfare projects and jointly disseminate and promote the concept of low-carbon travel. “

In 2020, the country issued a commitment to achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. Since then, major industries have pressed the “accelerator key” for carbon reduction.

During this process, Denza Motors, as the first company in China that only focuses on high-end new energy vehicles, has always adhered to the concept of environmentally friendly product design and sustainable development of business thinking. On the basis of the product itself reducing carbon emissions and being environmentally friendly, Tengshi Motors also launched the public welfare activity “There is a sound of books in the distance – there is a book corner in every class”, using the light of knowledge to illuminate the direction of rural children’s growth.

The conclusion of the strategic partnership between Denza Motors and Tencent SSV will drive more public participation in green and low-carbon development, and help realize the national “double carbon” goal. Denza has been persisting, accumulating and evolving on the development path of new energy. Through technological innovation and popularization of new energy, it strives to build a zero-carbon, zero-emission green ecological environment, and promotes the green and sustainable development of industries and human society. Denza will always keep pace with technology, keep pace with nature, and work together with more users and partners to build a sustainable electric future and unremittingly explore for a better tomorrow for mankind.