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NIO official reporting of NIO Center | Berlin, Germany Opening

On December 17, NIO officially reported the opening of NIO Center|Berlin, Germany.

NIO Center|Berlin, Germany is the second NIO Center in Europe. It is located on Kurfurstendamm, near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. As a landmark building in Berlin, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is visited by tourists from all over the world. Influenced by the diverse neighborhood culture of Berlin, the design of NIO Center|Berlin, Germany combines the characteristics of diversity, progress, freedom, green urban space and great artistic style.

The design inspiration for the overall interior comes from the local urban characteristics of Berlin: art galleries, cafes, squares, leisure community spaces and creative spirit.
In the living room area, a soft leather sofa and a small round wooden coffee table are placed to create a comfortable communication environment for users and friends. In the public work area, a wood-grain table is placed, inviting users and friends to share and discuss their inspiration and ideas in an open pattern. Through the overall construction of furniture, material selection and layout, the designer fully demonstrates the simple, comfortable, efficient and practical design style.

At NIO Café, you can also enjoy creative coffee and delicious meals, as well as a new exclusive city drink: Lime Blossom.
In Berlin, Germany, the bodhi tree is considered the tree of life, and the bodhi leaf symbolizes peace, loyalty and justice. Lime Blossom, the special drink of Berlin NIO House, is inspired by this. Rich black tea and strong ginger are added as raw materials, and the wonderful fusion stimulates the fragrance of lime and the sweetness of honey, making people feel like they are on the shore of Lake Miguel under the beautiful sunset, feeling the two flavors of Asian softness and European enthusiasm, and also containing the beautiful meaning of “blooming life”.

At the opening event, colleagues from NIO Germany introduced to the media and guests present NIO’s business progress after entering the European market, as well as plans to further bring products and a complete operating system to more German users.

It is worth mentioning that the opening ribbon of NIO Center | Berlin, Germany is a work of art contributed by the famous Berlin tape artist “Klebebande”.

We also invited well-known local dancers and musicians in Berlin to bring a wonderful opening performance. This performance expresses the concept of the horizon understood by the performers through smooth and harmonious dance movements.
The friends at the scene were immersed in the melody, enjoying the joy and beauty brought by the music.

Afterwards, NIO Center will continue to bring more exciting activities such as yoga courses, art appreciation, seeds, etc. to local users.
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