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EHang (EH.US) won the “Most Investment Value Chinese Stock” award

According to Zhitong Finance, at 12 o’clock in the morning on December 19, 2022, at the “Seventh Zhitong Finance Listed Company Selection” held in Hangzhou, EHang (EH.US) won the “Most Investment Value Chinese Stock” award.

Facing the upcoming 2023, “breaking the situation” and “future” have become key words for development.

Breaking the situation is because the global economy and even the industrial chain will face restructuring, and may even face a crisis of global recession;
In the future, it is because we firmly believe that under the changing situation, the world will focus on innovation and sustainability, and the restart of globalization will become a new possibility and move towards the deep water area of 2.0.

Under such circumstances, “breaking the situation” and “future” need the pillars of various industries to undertake and develop.

At the “Seventh Zhitong Finance Listed Company Selection” held in Hangzhou, EHang (EH.US) won the “Most Investment Value Chinese Stock” award

“The Seventh Zhitong Finance Listed Company Selection” is co-sponsored by Zhitong Finance and Flush Finance, the leading information platform for Hong Kong and US stocks in China. The professional financial roadshow live broadcast platform “Big Roadshow” provides full roadshow support.

The “Most Investment Value Chinese Stock” aims to commend a US-listed Chinese company that is expected to make outstanding contributions in terms of social responsibility, and have excellent business model and excellent operating conditions, which can not only bring sustainable value returns to investors, but also provide better products or services to the society.

This year’s “listed company selection” has undergone two months of strict screening, attracting more than 1,000 Hong Kong and US listed companies to participate in the registration. It covers not only traditional industries such as energy, finance, automobiles, and industrial manufacturing, but also emerging industries leading China’s economic transformation such as communications, chip manufacturing, Internet, and medical care.

In the selection process, the expert committee have scored the companies based on factors such as the company’s performance growth in the past year, industry ranking, corporate governance, business model, market influence and capital market performance, and select the final list of winners based on the corresponding weight of public voting.

In addition, more than 150 banks, securities, insurance, trust, asset management and other financial institutions, and 800+ professional investors attended this selection event to witness the announcement of this annual capital market award!