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Luckin Coffee franchise fee and conditions for new recruitment in third- and fourth-tier cities

Luckin Coffee franchise fee and conditions for new recruitment in third- and fourth-tier cities
According to Luckin Coffee, recently, Luckin officially announced the opening of a new round of partner recruitment, effective on December 5. The new recruitment covers franchisees in 41 cities in 9 provinces across the country. The 41 cities are basically the third- and fourth-tier cities.

Similar to the strategy of the previous sub-brand Xiaolu Tea, Luckin also shouted the slogan of “no franchise fee” this time.

Luckin Coffee joining conditions:

1. Franchisees need to prepare a store of about 35 square meters.

2. Investing in Luckin Coffee requires capital, which is about 113,500 yuan.

3. Investment franchisees must have certain business experience, be familiar with relevant operating procedures, and agree with the brand concept of Luckin Coffee.

4. Able to accept the training and management of the headquarters, and carry out regular promotion and communication.

5. Have a suitable store in the local area, which can meet the daily operation of the franchise store.

6. The investment franchisee is in good health.

7. Investors have certain communication skills and have a good reputation in the local area.

8. The investment expenses are sufficient and the corresponding operating risks can be borne.

Explanation of Luckin Coffee franchise fee and conditions

The franchise fee of Luckin Coffee is 0 yuan, and the franchise fee will be charged once according to the brand standard, and will not be charged again in the future.

The total investment amount of the brand store is at least 106,000 yuan, and the total investment cost includes the expenses required for opening.

Luckin Coffee’s store area is at least 42 square meters, the store rent is about 13,200 yuan/month, and the water and electricity expenses are about 1,100 yuan/month.

The decoration fee is at least 21,450 yuan.

Note for the total amount of water and electricity expenses: it is the expenses paid by the franchisee for water and electricity, which is the collective name of “water fee” and “electricity fee”, and it varies according to the location of the franchisee.

Note for the description of the store decoration image: the franchisee must agree with the store image and the facilities in the store stipulated by the company headquarters.