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XPeng won the Hexun 20th China Financial Billboard “2022 Potential Growth Listed Company” Award

XPeng won the Hexun 20th China Financial Billboard “2022 Potential Growth Listed Company” Award

According to Hexun, on December 19th, co-hosted by Hexun and Julang Sight, organized by China Finance and Economics Association, and provided by Primus Macroeconomics with academic support, at the “2022 Financial China Annual Conference and the 20th China Financial Billboard”, XPeng Motors won the “2022 Potential Growth Listed Company” award for its outstanding performance in various aspects such as business indicators, service quality, and technological innovation.

With the theme of “Great Power Resilience, Steady and Prosperous Progress — The Growth Blueprint for Chinese-style Modernization”, the conference brought together macro experts and leaders, top industry think tanks, and corporate innovation elites, and through cross-industry dialogues, in-depth discussed on new opportunities and new trends in the development of the industry under the new changes in the global economy, jointly looking for a blueprint for growth in Chinese-style modernization, and conveying development confidence.

This selection collected opinions from all parties, and the final selection results were obtained by integrating professional and real evaluation data, user and investor voting, and in-depth analysis by industry organizations and experts.

The selection of China’s Financial Billboard is a large-scale financial Internet selection activity initiated by Hexun in 2003 and co-sponsored by China Securities Market Research and Design Center (SEEC) and other institutions. So far, the China Financial Billboard has been successfully held for 20 sessions. The previous Billboard selections have set up multiple awards in the fields of real estate, securities, banking, funds, insurance, etc., and have become one of the most authoritative and influential annual selections in the financial industry.