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NIO reported the specifics of Banyan 1.2.0 update, over 50 new features and optimizations

According to NIO, on December 20, NIO reported Banyan 1.2.0 update with over 50 new features and optimizations.


Banyan 1.2.0
Safer and faster

Added and optimized more than 50 functions
Covering multi-plate updates such as smart cockpit and assisted driving


NIO Intelligent System

Including vehicle intelligent hardware, vehicle computing platform, operating system, smart algorithms and smart applications

The names of intelligent systems of different generations are all derived from trees
Continuous iteration, continuous growth, converging trees into forests
As in continuous evolution, the more use, the newer intelligent system

The second-generation intelligent system is named Banyan
Currently equipped models: ET7, ES7, ET5

With a more advanced hardware platform and a new software architecture
Create more smart experiences that exceed expectations

Safe scene experience throughout the process

Guard mode:
Protect the car in all directions after leaving the car and locking the car
Multi-level guard mechanism helps comprehensive records and precise reminders

Remote off-board live broadcast:
You can view the surrounding environment of your car in real time through the NIO App on your mobile phone
Anytime, anywhere, more peace of mind


Effortless control experience

ET7 supports vehicle proximity calling:
Use the mobile phone NIO App to control the car to move forward and backward
Easy entry and exit from outside the car

Rich and immersive entertainment experience

ET7 Tuning 2.0 tuning style
New tuning style
Deeper bass, warmer mids, brighter treble
Bring more airy music flow

NIO Immersive Sound Adds Dolby Atmos Zone and Vinyl Music Zone

“NIO Immersive Sound” and QQ Music
Bring over a thousand Dolby Atmos music
There is also a vinyl recording version that reproduces the classics
Enjoy the Ultimate Sound Experience

New entertainment apps

NetEase Cloud Music
Volcano car entertainment
migu video

Expand more entertainment ecology
Be in the panorama digital cockpit of PanoCinema
Enjoy an immersive audio-visual feast

Delicate and senseless boarding experience

Beta of car standby mode:
After getting on the car, the car and NOMI can start quickly
Open the door and turn on the screen, start immediately

Convenient and time-saving energy replenishment experience

NOMI supports voice generation and cancellation of battery swap orders:
The battery swap order can be completed through NOMI voice interaction
Place an order or cancel, let NOMI arrange for you

Preheating for low temperature charging:
On the way to the charging station, the battery charging and preheating can be automatically turned on

Efficient energy replenishment, no longer worry about low temperature charging time


Upgrade experience anytime, anywhere

Locking supports FOTA software package download:
FOTA software package download can be triggered automatically after locking the car

Save download waiting time, make the experience more senseless

NIO App supports remote FOTA upgrade:
Through the NIO App on the mobile phone, the software version can be upgraded with one click

Regardless of time and place, enjoy upgrading as you like

Banyan 1.2.0
There are more new features and optimizations waiting for you to experience
Continuous evolution, the more use, the newer