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The 2022 International Electric Aviation (Kunshan) Forum was successfully concluded


It is learned on December 19 from Yanchun Entertainment (Jiangsu), the 2022 International Electric Aviation (Kunshan) Forum was successfully concluded.

It is noted that earlier in January, Kunshan city government announced ¥1.5B autopilot aircraft base in the city to be developed by Shanghai EHang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Guide: At present, developing green and low-carbon industries, advocating green consumption, coordinating industrial restructuring, and accelerating green transformation are major strategic decisions in China. A new round of aviation technology revolution represented by electric aircraft technology is being restructured. In the future, we look forward to seeing more Chinese general aviation manufacturing companies and electric aviation innovation companies appear on the international stage, and take the technological innovation triggered by electric aviation technology as an opportunity to welcome the new opportunities brought by the “dual carbon” era.


The 2022 International Electric Aviation Forum follows the tradition of high specialization and internationalization, and is able to actively expand and innovate according to the development of the industry and changes in the environment, which has been unanimously recognized by the guests;
The forum combines theory and practice. In addition to special lectures and dialogues, there are also visits to local projects.
It is very worth mentioning that the organizers of this forum overcame many difficulties caused by the pandemic, not only realizing the forum as scheduled, but also giving full play to the technical potential of the remote conference system, allowing domestic and foreign guests who are unable to speak on-site due to the pandemic to “attend in the cloud” to the forum, and including keynote speeches, full viewing, on-site interaction, group discussions, etc.

The International Electric Aviation Forum originated in Europe. It covers the exchange and discussion of electric aviation related products, technologies, operations and policies. It is a world-class forum with extensive influence in the general aviation industry in Europe and America.

In 2017, the International Electric Aviation Forum was opened in China. It has been held in Beijing, Changsha, Shijiazhuang, Yichang and other places in China for five consecutive years. Industrial development has played a positive role in promoting.

This forum is the sixth time for the International Electric Aviation Forum being held in China. It has been sponsored by the Chinese Aeronautical Society. This forum has also received strong support from the Kunshan Municipal Government and relevant departments at all levels.


Due to the impact of the pandemic, the offline number of this forum is expected to be controlled within 100 people, but more than 150 people actually came to the conference, and the venue was full. Through the teleconferencing system, domestic guests and foreign guests “attended in the cloud”

The forum has lasted for 2 days, and the topics have been divided into six sections, covering:
smart city and three-dimensional transportation,
electric propulsion system,
infrastructure and supply chain construction,
elements of electric aircraft development (from management policy to public acceptance),
hydrogen energy aviation,
the road to rapid commercialization of electric aviation, etc.

The keynote speech was co-hosted by Gao Yuanyang, Director of the General Aviation Industry Research Center of Beihang University, and Willi Tacke, President of German Flying AG.