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With larger capacity, NIO third-generation power station patent drawings disclosed

It is learned on December 22 from Aika Auto, recently, NIO announced that it will release relevant information on the third-generation power station at the NIO Day 2022 event held on December 24.

Pursuant to previously announced news, NIO’s third-generation battery swap station will have 22 battery packs, and will support 800V high-voltage architecture, with stronger risk battery detection and cooling technologies.

According to Qin Lihong, the co-founder of NIO, the third-generation power station will have larger capacity, higher efficiency, and more flexible layout, and will be compatible with a wider range of vehicle models and battery types. It will also cooperate with 500kW ultra-fast charging to form a super charging and swapping station, bringing more possibilities.

Based on the information disclosed in the patent drawings, it can be seen that the biggest advantage of NIO’s third-generation power station is that the number of battery packs has been increased to 22, which means that compared with the second-generation power station with 13 battery packs, further The battery replacement efficiency of the vehicle is improved. It is reported that the first batch of NIO third-generation power stations will land in Nanxiang, Jiading District, Shanghai.