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Care about your every breath! XPeng G9 is certified as “Five-Star Healthy Car” by China Automotive Research Institute

On December 21, according to XPeng, XPeng G9 was certified as a “Five-Star Healthy Car” by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute (hereinafter collectively referred to as China Automotive Research Institute).


According to the certification standard, only if the four tests of in-vehicle air quality (VOC & VOI), in-vehicle particulate matter PM, vehicle electromagnetic radiation EMR, and in-vehicle sensitization risk VAR are all five-star, can it be rated as “Five-Star Healthy Car”. Among them, G9 achieved the highest score in history in the air quality test inside the car, and got a full score in the vehicle electromagnetic radiation test, showing the original intention of product development that puts users’ health first.

The air quality in the car comes first

Protecting the air quality in the car, so that every breath can be assured, G9 scored a high score of 98 in the test of volatile organic compounds and car odor items, and created the highest score in the history of this test.

Let health begin with every breath.
In fact, the air quality inside the car has always been the research and development focus of the G9. High concentrations of volatile organic compounds and high-intensity car odors can induce sneezing, sore throat, vomiting and other uncomfortable symptoms, causing drivers to experience “driving syndrome” such as inability to concentrate, anxiety, and dizziness. Some VOC gases even have a cancer risk. Therefore, the excellent performance of the above indicators is the first barrier to protect the health of car owners.

Regarding the above indicators, G9 has formulated strict standards during the research and development process, which are 5-20 times stricter than the national standard. For G9, the standard is only the starting point, and the upper limit must always be pursued.

In order to meet strict standards and ensure the air quality in the car, XPeng starts from every link and strictly controls: the plastics are environmentally friendly, the fabrics use low-odor products, and the fabrics and leather are foamed with low-odor formulas and processes, water-based glue instead of traditional solvent glue, etc.
What’s more worth mentioning is that the seats of Pro and Max models are made of low-odor Nappa leather made of natural chrome-free tanning agent.


The Golden Nose team is dedicated to every test

In order to ensure the health of users’ cars, XPeng also set up a golden nose team to control every link of vehicle production and escort the air quality in the car. Everyone in the Golden Nose team has passed the rigorous test of three levels: odor type identification, odor intensity judgment and physical material identification, and can accurately judge the odor of each material.
They have participated in the entire process of G9 R&D, production, and manufacturing. From material control, parts assembly to complete vehicle delivery, the Golden Nose team strictly controls to ensure that the materials in the vehicle are safe and environmentally friendly, and are responsible to users.

Of course, in addition to the golden nose team, Xpeng also has a CNAS-approved professional laboratory to carry out objective testing and other control methods. Through a set of subjective + objective testing system, through the inspection of raw materials, parts and complete vehicles, guarding every breath of the car owner.

Because of this, XPeng has become the first car company in China to obtain the OEKO-TEX LEATHER STANDARD & STANDARD 100 infant contact grade certification at the same time.

OEKO-TEX certification is completed by well-known textile testing institutions distributed in 17 countries (all affiliated to the International Environmental Textile Association). It is one of the world’s most famous ecological textile labels for testing harmful substances, providing a guarantee for product ecological safety. It stands for high product safety and consumer trust.

In order to obtain the above-mentioned certification, more than 40 kinds of materials, such as G9 seats, instrument panels, consoles, door panels, PU leather covered with pillars, all stitches on seat covers, buckles, foam, etc., have passed 26 major inspection item, and 117 sub-item tests.

The leather upholstery used in the seats of Pro and Max models has passed 25 major items and 118 sub-items of the LEATHER STANDARD certification. This makes the content of some harmful substances in G9 far lower than the EU REACH regulation limit requirements, such as the heavy metal lead content is 5000 times lower than the limit, and the heavy metal mercury content is 50000 times lower.

The particle test in the car received a five-star evaluation

To purify the air in the car and protect healthy breathing, XPeng G9 also achieved five-star results in the test of particulate matter PM in the car.

In-vehicle particulate matter refers to various solid or liquid particles uniformly dispersed in the aerosol system. Excessively high PM concentrations may increase the risk of human death. Therefore, this project is also the focus of automobile health testing, mainly examining the ability of the automobile air-conditioning system to block and purify PM2.5.

In this regard, the G9 uses PM2.5 and CN95 filter elements to effectively block external particles from entering the car, and is equipped with a PM2.5 sensor to monitor the air quality in real time, and intelligently activate the air purification function according to the air quality. In addition, the air quality sensor of the G9 will automatically detect the exhaust gas, realize the automatic adjustment of the internal and external circulation, and block the exhaust gas from entering the car. In terms of long-term deodorization of the air in the car, G9 also has a smart air conditioner, which realizes smart drying and smart cleaning functions, making the air in the car purer and protecting every healthy breath of the car owner.

The vehicle electromagnetic radiation test scored full marks

In order to prevent drivers and passengers from being troubled by electromagnetic radiation inside the car, XPeng G9 even scored full marks in the vehicle electromagnetic radiation test.

In order to achieve the above achievements, as early as 2017, XPeng established a special team for human electromagnetic protection. In the process of designing G9, it combined the five-star design experience of P7 and P5 vehicle electromagnetic radiation testing, and went further on the basis of success. The application of magnetic permeability material isolation, as well as the stringent requirements for components, have been tested by authoritative testing agencies for multiple rounds of the vehicle, and the checks have been made layer by layer, which finally ensured that the electromagnetic radiation performance in the G9 car is better and reaches the full score level.

Bid farewell to the risk of allergies in the car, protect the health of the car

In the VAR test of the allergy risk in the car, XPeng G9 also received a five-star evaluation. The so-called sensitization risk in the car, as the name suggests, refers to the risk of skin allergies or respiratory allergies caused by allergens in the car. Mild allergies make people uncomfortable, and severe allergies may be fatal.

So, how does G9 control allergens?

Strict assessment standards have been formulated for substances with high risk of sensitization, such as heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, o-benzene, azo, etc. All materials used need to submit a test report and a letter of commitment not to use hazardous substances when approved by OTS. At the same time, the consistency control of product mass production is strengthened, and the supplier quality engineer strictly monitors high-risk parts. Taking a multi-pronged approach, G9 strictly prevents and controls the risk of sensitization in every link.


Obtaining the five-star health car certification is just a new beginning. XPeng will continue to do every link well, insist on “creating a more convenient and pleasant travel life for human beings”, and protect every trip of the car owner. Driven by the concept of “healthy travel”, we will continue to explore the new boundaries of automobile health, and let health start with every breath with an attitude of excellence.